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Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what you can expect. Maybe one or two will  inspire you to take a similar trip.


The Americas

Like the people in the pictures, you can volunteer in South America, a continent of contrasting landscapes just waiting to be discovered. If the idea of helping children with their English, and spending your leisure time exploring caves, and Caribbean beaches appeals, then Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula of the Caribbean could be just the place to volunteer for you. Alternatively why not try a placement in Argentina with its tango rhythms, and faded colonial architecture. Equally you can expect a warm welcome from the children and staff of the Cuzco orphanage in Peru who love to sing songs, play games and learn English. South America, a life changing experience, at an affordable price.


An exciting classic volunteering experience is guaranteed in this colourful continent still waiting to be discovered.Morocco offers the opportunity to teach and play games in a wide variety of locations, many of which are far from the tourist trail from orphanages tucked away in little known alleyways of the  walled Medina to remote Berber villages.At just over 3 hours flying time away, and with budget flights now available it makes volunteering in Marrakesh a realistic opportunity. Alternatively you may wish to get into the hills in peaceful Ghana or look after street children in Mombassa, Kenya. With Uganda offering the challenge of a new project and still unknown volunteering experiences, Africa can be everything you imagine it to be, and a lot more besides.


An exotic off the beaten track experience awaits you in Asia.Volunteering in Thailand and Nepal gets you into places few tourists get to see whilst living and working amongst local people. If you desire to get into the rural life and culture and would like to de-stress rather than a full on volunteering experience, then volunteering in the foothills of the Himalayas in India could be just the place.Immerse yourself in the local community and prepare to be amazed.


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