Original Volunteers


Is the year our parent company Manos Abiertas was founded, sending volunteers mainly to South America. After a break of 3 years Original Volunteers was founded in 2006 to make volunteering easy, enjoyable and affordable. Original Volunteers is a registered UK limited company based in Norwich, Norfolk and has sent thousands of volunteers of all ages to make a difference to projects in need around the world.


Becoming one of the largest providers of volunteer work in major cities around the world. We have an amazing team of over 250 staff in the UK and abroad. supporting an increasing number of volunteers each year. We have an impressive list of 21 destinations and more than 100 unique volunteer options to choose from to make that difference.

2017 & beyond

With so much already achieved last year it is now time to start shouting about all the individual achievements of volunteers and communities because this year we are expecting to help even more communities and volunteers with new projects in Asia and Australia.


Helping new volunteers


Original Volunteers head office in Norwich, UK


Team meeting discussing new projects


A project adviser


Our office space


Information fair