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Gap Year Volunteering


Gap year holidays - stronger than ever

As the UK's largest independent provider of gap year volunteering placements we have a broad range of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds and everyone is welcome to have a go!

Gap year volunteering is a unique experience and volunteers often recall afterwards how much more they got out of the experience than they thought possible. For example, in Africa, playwork volunteers may decorate the nursery walls, take part in local celebrations and make friends for life amongst their fellow gappers.

Valuable work experience

Gap year volunteering can provide valuable work experience during a period of fierce competition at home for jobs. A working gap year can also provide a far wider skill set than doing the same activity at home. Whilst a nursery worker at home may assist the qualified teacher, in Africa by contrast they may work alongside other volunteers just like them where there are opportunities to discuss, organise and negotiate activities on an equal level and get involved in things outside of the classroom from decorating to repair work which would be possible as a volunteer at home.

Not everyone knows that gap year volunteering can offer more than your average backpacking holiday so don't be shy on your CV and at interviews. Tell the employer about your experiences, and show the employer the transferable social, leadership and problem solving skills you can offer them too.

Original Volunteers offers affordable, unlimited choices and a flexible approach, just some of the many reasons why people have chosen to volunteer with us.

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