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Building and hands on work

Volunteer in building and hands on projects

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Brighten up local projects with colourful murals in exotic Moroccan locations against the film-set like backdrop of the Atlas mountains. All welcome! Let us know at the time of booking, brush and paint can all be bought after arrival.

From plastering, walls, plumbing to whole buildings, get involved and help create better homes and facilities. The current large scale project in progress is the orphanage which they hope to open this summer! Everyone welcome and no experience needed!


With building projects all year round from floors to whole schools there is always a local project needing extra hands and support. Can be combined with the other teaching and playwork volunteer projects in Ghana.

 There is always something to do at this expanding friendly school in Uganda from the most basic diy to painting, plastering and building new facilities.
Everyone welcome.


Hands on options at other projects

Malawi is a great destination for volunteers wanting to help local families to improve their modest homes, many families live in very simple shelters which provide little protection from the wind and sun. Local village schools also welcome volunteers to improve floors, walls and outside areas for the children from play equipment to shaded spaces to play under. Bring £20 - £50 a week for hands on work in Malawi as there is very little if any funding to cover bigger jobs. Local staff will assist you to buy materials you need.

In Cameroon a school is currently being built so if you are travelling within the next 6 months, hands on help will be really appreciated. Volunteers have already helped to finish the first classroom and bought some simple desks and benches. It is likely that the school building project will be ongoing for the next year or so before it is completely finished. Bring £20 - £50 a week for help towards materials.

Costs and further advice

General information about costs of projects.

How to apply
What do you need to do? If you need any help please call us on 01603 280702.

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