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The Perfect Gift!

Register on behalf of a loved one! Give us a call now 01603 627007

Original Volunteers new ‘Sponsor a Volunteer’ programme

Not sure what to give or what to ask for loved one this year? How about giving a friend or family member an Original Volunteers registration?

Original volunteers are now offering this facility to allow friends and family to pay your one-off registration fee of £125. It makes a great gift, and sure beats another box of cheap toiletries or a badly knitted sweater!

A registration gives you the opportunity to access unlimited placements for an entire year and the year won't even start until you arrive at the first project!

Unlimited placements for the next 12 months!

Volunteer coordinators and local staff are there on hand to help you and offer the support you may need during your time spent volunteering. If you are looking for that bit extra support, maybe a project where you can live right there where you are volunteering and with staff within calling distance!

Or maybe you just want to be on a project where there are almost certainly going to be a really good sized group of people at the time of your visit and travelling is straightforward between the volunteer house and the project. Do feel free to give us a call, tell us what you are looking for and ask us for suggestions. It is what we are here for.

Alternatively, if you have already volunteered before and are ready for a project where you can create your own experience and be more independent, give us a call and chat it through with a projects advisor, there might be a project out there that you had not even thought of that ticks all your boxes.

So, if you register now but don’t go to a project for, let’s say another six months, then your Original Volunteers 12 month registration period will start when you arrive at that first project. This gives you extra time to prepare and save for the trip, especially if it will be your first experience of volunteering abroad.

Volunteering just got more affordable!

And with project destinations like Morocco now easier to reach with budget airlines and other destinations like Thailand on competitive flight routes offering special rates there is no excuse for not being able to volunteer overseas anymore!


To get registered or register on behalf of a loved one, give us a call now 01603 627007 or click on How to apply to get started today. Any questions? Contact us at any time by phone or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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