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Volunteer in India School Project

Volunteer in India - Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Country: India

Book your placement with £145. Then stay FREE for first 2 weeks, and then £50 for week 3 and beyond.


The school's English speaking director and his wife will assist you with anything you need during your time at the little rural school.


Volunteer Leonie with teaching staff. The permanent teaching staff look after the subjects such as Tamil and classes which require a native speaker.

The Team - India

The Original Volunteers philosophy is that you're never on your own, and we have experienced and knowledgeable local staff at our project in India offering 24-hour support.

Our dedicated team of coordinators is there to make sure you have a great time on your trip. Unlike some volunteer organisations, we take great care in appointing coordinators with a deep understanding the local people, community, lifestyle and culture.

The team in India will help you enjoy the project. They will also encourage and guide you in going beyond the scope of our project to make a meaningful contribution to the wider community.