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Original Volunteers is the UK’s leading independent volunteering specialist. Every year we send volunteers abroad to more than 100 projects across 20 countries. Our placements are ethical, flexible, low-cost and tailored to you.

  • We’re trustworthy

    We’ve helped thousands of people enjoy life-affirming experiences volunteering abroad around the globe. But don’t take our word for it, read their reviews. We also offer unrivalled expert advice so if you are not sure which project for your first time, how to get there or how to mix and match projects get in touch we’ll be happy to help.

  • We’re low cost

    We are budget volunteering specialists, with projects starting from a very affordable £12.50 per week including accommodation in Cambodia   or help at a school in India, only £50 per week, or stay as long as your visa allows in Cameroon for £10 per week after a once-only donation of £200. Even our more expensive animal projects are only £175 per week, but that’s only because animals cost quite a bit more to look after in care and vets fees. If flight costs are a barrier, return flights to our Morocco programme typically cost between £47 and £100 if bought in advance and is a great project if this will your first time volunteering abroad. We also provide a grants and gap year funding list.

  • We’re flexible

    We offer volunteer placements from just one or two weeks and don’t restrict you to fixed start dates at most destinations so you can tailor your dates around your home commitments. In addition, at most destinations you can mix up volunteering experiences. We encourage projects to work this way where possible as you may have a hidden talent which could benefit the community. For example, many teaching and nursing volunteers in Ghana discover after arrival they are quite good at building or sport which can often come as a surprise!

  • We offer variety

    We offer a range of placements, from work with orphans, street kids and students to animals, conservation and health care and medical electives. If you have the time, why not travel from one project to another making your way round the world, perhaps travelling independently between projects?

  • You’re fully supported

    We have a team of experienced local staff at every project to support you. You’ll never be on your own when you volunteer abroad.

  • Bespoke

    We can tailor placements to your requests. Have a skill or specific idea in mind and can’t find it on our site? Ask us! We’ve helped engineers install boreholes, health workers set up preventative workshops, sports enthusiasts establish local teams and drama students put on whole performances. Whatever your background or interest, if you want to volunteer abroad and have a skills or interest to share with a community overseas we will try to find a project which will make of your skills. Contact Us and tell us a bit of your background or what you are looking for.

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Emily Holm, from Bucks, UK

“Go for it! It was worth it. I am a much stronger person as a result.”
Emily Holm
Bucks, UK