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Volunteer in Malawi

Volunteer in Malawi

Accommodation in Malawi

Country: Malawi

Book your placement with £125. Pay one-off programme contribution payment of £250 for up to 4 weeks.



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Accommodation : Currently we have 3 housing options for volunteers. The volunteer house, home stay, and guesthouse. 

Volunteers often spend weekends
together at a guesthouse at one of the lakes.

 Not provided in the rooms so don't forget:

  •           Headtorch
  •           Sleeping bag/pillow
  •           Lockable suitcase for storage

Above: The main volunteer house in Domasi,
Bedroom and Weekend Lakeside Guest House.

Main volunteer house: Facilities near by within walking distance

  • Shop
    10 minutes

  • Bars
    1 hour

  • Chemist
    1 hour

  • Bus
    10 minutes

  • Taxis
    10 minutes

  • Cash machine
    1 hour

  • Bank
    1 hour

  • Phone Booth
    1 hour

  • Internet
    1 hour

  • Laundry
    provided with your stay - small fee

Accommodation in Malawi

Currently we have three housing options for volunteers: the volunteer house, home stay, and the guesthouse.

Volunteer House

The volunteer house is very basic and should be considered at best  'a large family sized tent with walls'. At this time there is no electric (headtorch essential), kitchen or indoor plumbing. There is an outdoor water tap, toilet and shower (cold water only) facility.

It is important that you keep the house tidy and clean at all times as you will be sharing the house with other volunteers (nine beds in total) and without a functioning kitchen things can pile up a bit on the table in the lounge!

Please note that food costs have not been included in your volunteer payment fee. 

The local family helps with the maintenance of the volunteer house including all clothes washing, house cleaning, and some cooking. Each volunteer is responsible for supplying their own washing powder and other cleaning supplies they wish to be used.

Each volunteer is also responsible for providing the required food items for cooking, such as oil and charcoal. 


The homestay option is in a local family home. In most cases the homestay living is very basic as, with no electric, kitchen, shower, no indoor plumbing. However with this option you will get a chance to see and experience exactly how the local people live.

Please note that food costs will be discussed upon arrival as they have not been included in your volunteer payment fee. In most cases your local food contribution should be about 5,000 Kwacha a week (£20), which is payable on every Monday during your stay if you chose to eat local food.

The local food is very simple and the staple diet is 'nsima', which is made from Maize flour and water.

Visitors should be approved in advance, either by the project coordinator or your homestay family.


The guesthouse is a hostel type of accommodation that is about a 30-minute walk from the volunteer house. This option is not included in the volunteer fees and is payable to the owner of the guesthouse.

The guesthouse is chosen by some volunteers because it does have electric, indoor plumbing, toilet, shower and kitchen facilities which although still basic, can feel a little more comfortable.

The guesthouse is not affiliated with the project in any way. If you chose to stay there you are responsible for all fees. Smoking and alcohol are allowed, however we ask that you use your discretion and please respect the property and the local villagers.

Please let Original Volunteers know your preferred housing options in advance of your arrival so your coordinator can make arrangements. 

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