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Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania

Frequently Asked Questions

Country: Tanzania

Book your placement with £125. Then pay one-off £250 contribution to the project and volunteer with children in this wonderful country.


Tanzania Specific Questions

Do I need experience?
Not at all. Just a willingness to get stuck in. An orientation is provided on arrival. After a couple of days you'll be calling your project home and wishing you'd stayed longer!

If I have experience in a particular area - can I do this?
Tell us what you would like to do (for example, diy, or only playwork or only teaching) and we will let the local team know in advance. But you can always change your mind after arrival as we know things can change when you've settled in, met the team and visited a few projects.

Do I have to arrive on a particular date?
There are no fixed start dates for Tanzania. The airport pick up will be organised for you for the time your flight arrives. Although volunteers can arrive on any day, we recommend arriving Monday to Wednesday if possible to settle in and make friends before the weekend when many volunteers relax and go on popular excursions.

Will I be placed with my friend/travel Buddy?
Yes, everyone arriving together will be placed together. For group sizes 2 – 4, volunteers are normally placed in the same bedroom wherever possible. For larger groups of friends, the group may be in two or more bedrooms in the same volunteer house. For large school groups the group is usually housed in separate self-contained accommodation.

I am worried about travelling on my own - can I buddy up with someone?
Yes. Take a look at our Buddy List or the main Facebook Group to find others. Still no luck? Get in touch with us and we'll pass your details on to others who are going or thinking about a trip who might not be on FB or the Buddy List yet.

Will I need any jabs?
Most visitors to Africa will need some jabs and boosters to protect themselves and malaria tablets are essential. Boosters usually advised are Diptheria, Hep A, Tetanus and Typhoid. Yellow Fever is sometimes recommended. Rabies and cholera not generally advised (taken from fitfortravel 21/08/13).

Do I need a visa for Tanzania?
Although it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival if you have a return flight, it is strongly recommended to obtain a tourist visa before arrival to avoid any stress on arrival after a long flight. All volunteers in Tanzania from all organisations now also require a volunteer permit. The most affordable method is to obtain this after arrival in Iringa as this can be half the cost if obtained outside of Tanzania. The volunteer coordinator will assist you with paperwork after you arrive in Iringa.

Do I need to bring anything for the children?
For the children, art and craft materials and outside games and sport equipment will always get used. If you want to take out more ‘special items’ and not use up your baggage allowance on basics, pencils and paper can be bought locally.

Should I bring anything for me?
Mosquito net essential and little things to make life comfortable, shower flip flops, little treats and snacks (non melting ones), wet wipes, a book to read on the area/country.
A full list is provided after booking on all the latest recommendations from the local team and volunteers.

Do I have to choose what volunteering I want to do before I arrive?
In Tanzania, it is recommended that all volunteers choose on arrival after discussing the options with the local team and other long stay volunteers to find the right volunteer work for you. It is possible in Tanzania to move between different projects during your stay for a variety of experiences.

How can I keep in touch with home?
Most volunteers take their mobiles to keep in text contact with home – contact your service provider before travel. There is internet access in the local town for at least weekly communication with home.

Contact us for specific questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in the vast knowledge of our projects and are always willing to share. Give us a call for a quick chat on 01603 280702 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the answers you need!