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Accommodation in India

Country: India

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Accommodation Accommodation is on site at the school so no travelling each day! The village is small but the local town Villapuram, reachable daily, has all the usual facilities.

Volunteers share a large dormitory room on site and live Indian-style.

Support: From teachers and the school's director.

 Not supported in the rooms so don't forget:

  • Sheets,mozzie net,pillow
  • Toiletries

Above: Your volunteer accommodation on site
at the school project.

Facilities in local town: Easily reached everyday by bus

  • Shop
    In town

  • Bars
    In town

  • Chemist
    In town

  • Bus
    Regular service

  • Taxis
    In town

  • Cash machine
    In town

  • Bank
    In town

  • Phone Booth
    In town

  • Internet
    at the weekend

  • Laundry - handwash or in village

Accommodation in India

Accommodation is included for all volunteers on-site. The project is located in a small village, 15km north of Villapuram, which is approximately three hours from Chennai.

Volunteers stay together in very basic accommodation at the village school. Most of daily living in this part of rural India takes place outdoors but for sleeping there is one large room volunteers share together.

There is plenty of outdoor space and during busy periods extra accommodation will be found where necessary and this could include camping. Many may choose to sleep under the stars in anycase on warm nights as per the Indian custom.

There are no formal bathroom/ toilet or drainage systems in the village although many locals have constructed their own facilities. A private squat toilet is available and bucket style showers are taken at the school's own well in the yard.

Volunteers are able to purchase food in the village or in the nearby town to bring back and prepare at the volunteer accommodation. Many volunteers find it convenient to eat in town each evening. Food in the region is very cheap and a budget of around £3 per day will be enough for most.

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