Kids of all ages in Ghana love sport. Help an existing team, set one up or teach a sport of your choice. Volunteers have previously taught football skills, volleyball, hockey, ...


There are two children's home, one for boys and one for girls. The boys often get left out of the usual volunteer-led activities as their home is a little further ...


With plenty of outdoor space at the school and freedom to organise games during break times and in the afternoons come and organise some games and sport. Bring what you ...

Other projects with spaces for activities and sport

  • Uganda  ages 3 to primary, large green space on site at school
  • Malawi  ages 7 to primary, some space outside schools
  • Tanzania  ages 7 to teen, large spaces at schools
  • Cambodia ages 7 to primary, large grassy space at village school
  • Merida  ages 7 to young teen, large concrete space at most projects
  • Kenya, Mombasa  age 7 to teen, inside space or travel for outdoor space
  • Argentina  ages 8 to young teen, small outside space

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