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Volunteer in Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador

Ecuador Overview

Our Volunteer work in Ecuador is ideal for anyone who wants a choice of projects and innumerable opportunities off the beaten tourist trail. After your arrival you will have time to settle in to this incredible country of lush subtropical valleys and snow capped volcanoes.

Your Volunteering in Ecuador starts on arrival in Quito with an informal chat with the programme coordinators to match up your preferences from the options available from the very long list of available projects throughout Quito and Ecuador. Volunteer Projects in Ecuador are flexible and new placements can be easily added on or changed as you gain in confidence and are ready to move on although most voluntary work in Ecuador usually starts with a project or two in Quito helping at a disadvantaged childrens day centre. Maybe you will start teaching English to some of the poorest children in Quito. Or perhaps you would like to get involved with a music, art or dance based project.

For longer stay volunteers, with some basic Spanish (for complete beginners or those wanting to brush up their Spanish, classes can be provided on arrival in Quito) you will have an opportunity after completing your first volunteer project in Ecuador where doors can open to more remote projects from coastal conservation to Indian jungle communities. Our Volunteer projects are the ideal option to access a softly structured flexible programme for anyone who does not want to have it all mapped out before they arrive. By choosing our volunteer work in Ecuador you can create your own experience as you gain in confidence and look for fresh adventures  with the assistance and support of the local placement organisors.

Placement at a Glance

18yrs+ on arrival
Volunteer options
Varied. Non Spanish speaking volunteers usually start on community projects in Quito and take Spanish lessons.
Longer stay volunteers with basic Spanish can move on to projects on the coast and in the jungle.
Pre-departure helpdesk, in-country coordinating team and 24hr emergency support
Project location
Self catering hostel or home stay with meals
Working hours
Variable Mon to Fri for Quito projects
For some projects volunteers without conversational Spanish will require lessons on arrival (these will be arranged for you)
Minimum stay
4 weeks, longer stays possible.
Project operates
All year round
When to apply
At least 3 weeks before intended arrival, longer if arriving between June and September
£125 per week (weeks 1-2) extra weeks £50. Local one-off contribution of £130 on arrival which covers pick-up and local organisation of chosen placements
Airport Pick-up Service

Images from Ecuador

For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007

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For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007 For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007 For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007 For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007 For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007 For an amazing experience call us on 01603 627 007

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Ecuador placement map

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Book now on 01603 627 007 and contact people travelling to the same project!

Images from Ecuador

Country: Ecuador

Book your placement with £125. Then pay £125 per week (weeks 1 and 2) and only £50 per week onwards.

Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador Volunteering in Ecuador

Your memories

We have been sent some of the most lovely photos from volunteers at play and at work, they are truly inspirational.

Trip info for Ecuador

Country: Ecuador

Book your placement with £125. Then pay £125 per week (weeks 1 and 2) and only £50 per week onwards.


Change lives and volunteer in Ecuador 2013 - 2014

Volunteer in Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador

Offering vibrant cultures amidst breathtaking volcanic landscapes, Ecuador will give you plenty to see and do. At this friendly day care centre volunteers help with the day to day running of the centre, play work, teaching basic levels of Maths and English, organising activities and helping out in the kitchen. The centre provides a shelter, education and nutritional food for local children who may come from low-income or violent households or those who for various reasons cannot care for their children. The project works with parents and the local community to improve the quality of life of the children and families in the area. Ecuador has it all, breathtaking scenery and sights with the stunning Andean Peaks and beautiful valleys to vibrant full of life festivals. There is plenty to see and do when in Ecuador, from visiting the infamous Otavalo market to hiking through the plains during your free time. You will never be short of things to do.

Skills and Experience, no experience in any field is necessary when volunteering in Ecuador. As long as you bring plenty of energy, a bright and positive attitude and realms of enthusiasm, you will make a great volunteer and will enjoy your experience helping in Ecuador. Some knowledge of Spanish will also be a great help to you on your volunteering experience. The project co-ordinators can even organise Spanish lessons for you during your stay.

What's included

Accommodation: Volunteer accommodation in a hostel or home stay. Volunteer coordinators and support team can be easily reached for assistance should you need it and will assist you with any placement query, help moving to add on-projects and anything else you may need advice on during your stay.


Other opportunities are available for long stay volunteers with a basic grasp of Spanish after a week or two of language classes, could include conservation projects and cultural exchange projects. These can be in remote communities far from the beaten track and conservation/beach cleaning in small coastal villages. Spanish classes for beginners or improvers can be arranged after arrival.


What's not included

Return Airport transfer
Local Transport

We consider this project ideal if you...

  • Are considering a long stay but are unsure about committing before departure.
  • Want to improve or try out learning Spanish perhaps for the first time.
  • Want the opportunity to try out different projects on a weekly basis to get the most out of your stay.



Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture

Make a real difference to the lives of young children

Stunning backdrop of the Andean Peaks


For volunteers staying with a local family in their home, meals are provided by the family. Volunteers staying in the hostel are provided with breakfast each day and generally will eat out at local cafés in the evenings.

Volunteer in Ecuador

Local support

There are always local co-ordinators close at hand should a volunteer need any help and assistance. Also, for volunteers staying in a home-stay with a local family, the family will always be around to help you with anything.

Free time

Volunteers take hikes through the valleys and onto the plains during their free time in Ecuador; it is a great adventure to explore; surrounded by beautiful backdrops including the Andean Peaks, and the breathtaking Amazon rainforest. Community life in Ecuador is vibrant and full of life and many festivals are held throughout the year that volunteers can experience. Participation on scenic tours are also available and your volunteer co-ordinator, along with the local tourist office can help you with setting them up.

Volunteer in Ecuador

Local facilities

Quito has all the usual facilities of any large modern city that are needed, including banks, doctors, shopping malls, cafes and other amenities.


There is a doctor close by and a hospital should you need the use of one, the co-ordinators will help you with your transfer there.

What to take

Once you have applied and registered with Original Volunteers, you will receive an Information Pack via email that will have further details on the project in Ecuador; in this email there will be a list of items to take and items that are best not to take.

Volunteer in Ecuador

How to apply

It is quick an easy to book with Original Volunteers. You can book online or call us on now on 01603 627 007 and book over the phone.
See related video ‘How to book’.

It costs £125 to book. Once book you can go to as many placements as you want within a year without having to pay the booking fee of £125 again.

The booking fee instantly books and reserves your place for any month you choose .We are very flexible. Just let us know if your plans change and spaces permitting we will put you on another list.

Volunteer in Ecuador

Fast facts - Project information

Project Duration: Min 1 week - Max 12 weeks
Location of project: Quito
Arrival Airport: Quito
Activities: Teaching children, organising and assisting different games and activities, helping in the kitchen of the centre and the care of poor children in Quito.
Working Hours: Full time – 5 days out of 7 day week.
Getting to the project: Airport pick-up and transfer to the volunteer house is automatically arranged for all volunteers, once flights have been received.
Requirements: Minimum age 18

On arrival

All volunteers are met on arrival at Quito and transferred to the hostel or to local family that you will be staying with.

Volunteer in Ecuador


Most volunteers stay in a hostel, which is organised for you and is a great way to meet other volunteers. A home stay is an alterative for anyone wanting to experience the Ecuadorian way of life and improve or practice their Spanish.

Getting around

Buses and taxis are the most used transport used in getting around Ecuador. All local transport is easy and affordable. Most volunteers travel together during their free time to explore

Volunteer in Ecuador

Not on your own

Although some volunteers travel with friends, the larger majority travel alone. It is possible to get in contact with other volunteers before you travel, and a lot of people tend to do this. Some volunteers even plan to travel together and set this up themselves before they depart.

Things that you will need to organise yourself

Flights to Quito
Travel Insurance
Any resources you wish to bring

When to pay for this project

Accommodation for Morocco is paid before you travel. The latest in which to do this is about two weeks before your departure. In order to pay, all you need do is ring us on 01603 627 007 and using your bank details, pay for your accommodation over the phone with one of our advisors.

Volunteer in Ecuador

Ecuador at a glance

As its name indicates, Ecuador sits astride the equator in South America. It's relatively tiny size belies its staggering geographical diversity-from the heights of the snow-capped Andean peaks down to the remote Amazon rainforest. The landscape is complemented by the colourful textiles and traditional costume still worn by rainforest Indians and highlanders alike.

Ecuador is compact and easy to get around. While not all roads are paved, they are almost invariably scenic and interesting...

Ecuador, which literally means, Republic of the equator, is a representative democratic republic in South America. From the north it is bordered by Colombia, Peru on the east and south and from the west the Pacific Ocean. The capital city of Ecuador is Quito. Ecuador is a presidential republic and gained its independence in 1830.


Ecuador has a varied climate. The average summer temperature in Quito is 16 Celsius. The night-time low is 9 Celsius.

£125 per week
Accommodation Included
Airport pick-up service
Food Self-catering
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