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Volunteer Abroad with the UK's leading independent provider - Original Volunteers


Original Volunteers is the UK’s leading independent volunteering specialist, and every year we send volunteers to more than 100 projects across 18 countries. Our placements are ethical, flexible, low-cost and tailored to you.

The Original Volunteers philosophy is that you’re never on your own, and we have 250 experienced and knowledgeable local staff across the world offering 24-hour support on placements.

Why should you take a volunteering holiday? Because voluntary work will change your life. It’s an amazing way to see the world, meet new people and encounter new cultures. From teaching kids English in Malawi to conservation projects in Honduras, you can make a difference on a volunteering holiday. Volunteering also builds your confidence, allows you to develop new skills and gives you experience that looks fantastic on your CV.

Our placements are ideal for gap years, university breaks and short work holidays. But no matter your age, background or budget, we’ll be able to match you to a suitable placement. With Original Volunteers you can even find a Travel Buddy before you go, and end up making friends for life.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to know what our volunteers think of us read their reviews

why choose Original Volunteers

Why Choose Original Volunteers?

  • We are the UK’s largest independent volunteering organisation. Here’s why you should volunteer with us:
  • Low costWe are budget volunteering specialists, with projects starting from just £55 per week, including accommodation.
  • SupportWe have a team of experienced local staff at every project to support you. You’ll never be on your own.
  • FlexibilityWe offer placements from just one or two weeks, and don’t restrict you to fixed start dates.
  • BespokeWe can tailor placements to your requests. Have a specific idea in mind and can’t find it on our site? Get in touch!
  • TrustworthyWe are well-established, and trusted by our volunteers. If you don’t believe us, read their reviews.
  • VarietyWe offer a range of placements, from work with orphans, street kids and students to animals, conservation and construction.

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