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Volunteer in India - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Country: India

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India Specific Questions

Do I need experience?
Volunteers do not need any experience to be a successful volunteer at the school. Lessons are taught informally, often sitting on the floor in a circle and shared between volunteers in the same classroom. The only requirement is to come with an open mind and be able to adapt to a completely new way of life at this little rural school.

Where will I be staying?
Volunteers stay on site at the school. Conditions are basic and should be considered rudimentary, drawing water from a well to wash in, although there is a private toilet cubicle, it is a squat toilet! Anyone who has enjoyed the challenges of rustic camping and music festivals will generally find the facilities acceptable. Volunteers share the same bedroom dorm style. Volunteers normally travel together into the local town for evening meals. There is also an opportunity for female volunteers to live in at a home for mentally disabled young women about 20 miles from the school and help with stimulating activities. Speak to the school director after arrival if you would like to get involved.

Do I need a visa for India?
UK Passport holders require either a tourist or employment visa to enter India, this needs to be obtained in advance. For other passport holders please consult your nearest Indian Consulate on what the requirements are as these have been changing recently. For all passport holders, we can provide letters from the school for the Employment Visa (approx cost in UK £285). For UK passport holders: most volunteers will be travelling for a few weeks after their volunteering and because of this prefer to arrive on a tourist visa (approx £85). If you would like some further assistance or advice regarding visas for India please contact us at anytime.

Do I have to arrive on a particular date?
There is no fixed start date. Airport pick ups can be arranged for any day at any time 24/7. Although it makes sense to arrive early in the week to get settled in and make friends before the weekend when volunteers get together and head to the coast to explore and relax.

Will I be placed with my friend/travel Buddy?
Everyone with friends are met together at the airport and stay at the school together, no one is split up!

I am worried about travelling on my own - can I buddy up with someone?
Take a look at the Buddy List, our main Facebook group or pop us an email after you're booked and we'll connect you up!

Will I need any jabs?
Sadly for India, yes a few jabs and boosters will be needed. Hepatitis A; Poliomyelitis; Tetanus; Typhoid usually advised. Cholera; Diphtheria; Hepatitis B; Japanese Encephalitis may also be recommended. Malaria tablets not generally recommended for this southern part of India (Taken from the nhs website fitfortravel 21/08/13). For up to date health advice please consult a trained travel health professional or your doctor. A Yellow Fever certificate is not required if you are arriving by air straight from a 'non-infected' country or from a country where they have 'disinfected' the plane (for example if your plane landed in Africa first to refuel and pick up passengers). For more information on the rules regarding Yellow Fever by the World Health Organisation please visit :

Do I need to bring anything for the children?
All basic materials are provided and the school follows its own curriculum. Most volunteers take their own supply of pens, felt tips and notebooks. A Tamil phrase book will be useful (the local language).

Should I bring anything for me?
A mosquito net is an essential. We will provide you with a list of things to take upon booking and update you shortly before travel if the project recommends volunteers bring anything out with them. Clothes-wise, because volunteers live at the school, conservative clothes are essential whilst at the school, trousers or a long skirt ideal. This saves everyone any embarrassment about having to approach the subject of inappropriate dress. Some female volunteers often buy Indian saris as a practical solution, keeping their casual holiday clothes for their free time.

How can I keep in touch with home?
Internet can be accessed in the local town, volunteers often pop into town on a daily basis for meals.

Contact us for specific questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in the vast knowledge of our projects and are always willing to share. Give us a call for a quick chat on 01603 280702 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the answers you need!