Civil servant returns to South America to work in orphanage

Civil Servant returns to volunteer for a second time at Mexican orphanage after praising the work of Original Volunteers.

Aarti Goel volunteered at the Refugio Orphanage in Puerto Vallarta in May, and has decided to return again in January.

She was also full of praise for the work of Original Volunteers. Aarti liked the fact that Original Volunteers only charge one fee for the whole year, meaning that she could return again without having to pay again.

She added that before she went in May people had told her that the company were well organised when it came to going to Mexico, and that was also her experience as well.

She said that the area was a very safe place to be, felt that the Orphanage was well organised, and that it was nice to see that you were making a difference.

‘ It is a great place to both work, and have a holiday’

During her free time Aarti, who is learning to speak Spanish, thoroughly enjoyed exploring the area, and getting out and about.‘ It is a great place to both work, and have a holiday’ she said.

When asked what she felt that she had gained from her first experience of volunteering in May she said that she felt:
‘More confident travelling on my own, more confident about learning another language, a good feeling about being able to help people, and an insight into a different world’

Original Volunteers are delighted that Aarti has chosen to return to volunteer in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta), knowing that she will bring a great deal of joy to the children’s lives, and wish her well with her ongoing quest to learn to speak Spanish.