Volunteer in orphanages and care settings | From £85 per week including accommodation and support


Once a week volunteers make a visit to the baby orphanage and a children's home. At the baby orphanage volunteers provide essential physical contact at a crucial time of life.

Requirements: No requirements. Everyone welcome! See the Trip Info page for detailed programme information or call us today for expert advice 01603 280702!

Costs: £125 per week. Accommodation and expert local support team provided. TOP project for first time volunteers.

Kenya Mombasa

Street kids come off the streets to live at the project voluntarily to try to turn their lives around. If successful they move on to the next school for exams.

Costs: £125 per week. Includes accommodation with friendly project staff.


Help at a children's home with after school homework and activities in the garden. Come and play the role of favourite Aunty/Uncle!

Costs: £125 per week. Includes accommodation at this friendly children's home in the tropical south of Nepal.


There are two homes in Cuzco, one for boys and one for girls providing a friendly home. Volunteers assist after school hours spending time or organising activities and day trips.

Costs: £125 per week. £85 per week from week 3 onwards. Includes volunteer accommodation next to children's home.

Kenya Masai

Soon to open, the much needed orphanage. Until present an elderly lady has been providing accommodation but can no longer support the local orphans. Children have either lost parents either ...

Costs: £125 per week including accommodation with Masai family. Weeks 1 and 2, £85 week 3 onwards.


The new children's home has just opened. Volunteers can help provide one to one assistance and encouragement to study.

Costs: £200 once only.

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