Medical and Health Projects


Nursing volunteer placements are available for anyone currently studying nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery and medicine together with placements for qualified professionals. First aiders and biomedicine and pharmacy students also welcome!

Requirements: To be currently on course or have some relevant experience. If you are in any doubt call us for advice 01603 280702

Costs: From £95 per week. See page for more.


Placements available in hospital and care settings including: elderly and dementia/Alzheimers care to work shadowing in general hospitals. All welcome.

Requirements: None. Self-directed placement and limited spaces. Early booking essential.

Costs: From £125 per week. See page for more.


Placements are available at the school’s medical clinic and Itojo hospital. Placements are open for all including volunteers interested in healthcare but not yet on courses at home.

Requirements: None. All volunteers will need to present copies of Secondary Education certificates (GCSEs) on arrival.

Costs: From £125 per week. See page for more.


Placements are available for volunteers currently studying nursing, midwifery and medicine. Cameroon offers a wide ranging experience for self-motivated and confident volunteers wanting to get stuck in at the health ...

Requirements: To be currently enrolled in medicine or nursing. Qualified professionals welcome.

Costs: First 2 weeks free. See page for more.

Options for beginners in Peru, Mexico and Ghana

Between July and August, outreach days are organised to take essential supplies to the poorest communities. Often combined with health checks, ideal for anyone not on health courses but would ...

Requirements: None. Usually combined with the regular community volunteer programme.


Work shadowing placements are available at the O2 clinic in Cuzco working alongside the medical team whose primary aim is to provide care and medical supervision for travellers affected by ...

Requirements: All levels including pre-University.

Costs: From £125 per week. See page for more.


Placements for entry level volunteers to work shadow are available on a part time basis at the Red Cross clinic in Merida. Usually combined with the regular volunteer community programme.

Requirements: None.

Costs: From £125 per week. See page for more

Kenya Masai

Volunteers of all levels 18 yrs+ welcome to assist in health centres and pharmacies in the Masai land.

Requirements: 18 yrs+ on arrival. All levels welcome.

Costs: From £125 per week. See page for more.

Nursing and Health Volunteering

Case studies


First year student nurse with a two week elective to fill. Lauren volunteered on our Ghana programme with one week at the hospital in the maternity department and one week at one of the poorer schools teaching the younger children where at break times and after lessons she put into practice basic first aid.

A health care studies student, 17 years old, planning to study nursing the following year, Gemma wanted some experience work shadowing to gain confidence which she could add to her CV but was struggling to find an affordable programme which also offered hands-on practical experience. Gemma chose our Uganda programme which offers complete beginners to opportunity to get hands on at the clinic next to the school and work shadowing at the hospital in the local town whilst taking some time out at the school to play with the children!


A recently qualified nurse, Gillian wanted to put something back into the communities where facilities and access to health were non-existent or lacking. She volunteered in Ghana for three weeks. Weeks one and two were spent at the poor schools alongside our teaching volunteers doing health checks on the children and their families. For week three, assisted by our team and another two student nurses, our team set up outreach clinics even further off the beaten track to clean up wounds and make diagnoses.

A bio-medicine student, Faisal had been looking for some time for an opportunity to gain hospital experience for his application to study medicine but could not find an affordable programme to fit his student budget. Faisal applied for our Ghana programme and spent two weeks in the hospital’s laboratory testing blood samples with afternoons doing observations on the wards and in theatre.


Further help and advice?

For further advice on finding the right elective placement or to check whether you have the right qualifications or level Get advice! or call us on 01603 280702 and we will be happy to help to find you the right placement!