An air stewardess who volunteered describes South America as safe and great destination


An Air Stewardess who volunteered in Mexico, and has travelled to ‘every corner of the globe’ described the country as a ‘great destination’, and ‘one of the safest places I have been to’.

Claire Brown is an Air Stewardess with a great deal of experience of long haul flights to: every corner of the globe.
She volunteered at the Puerto Vallarta Orphanage, Mexico, in November for 2 weeks, found the Mexican people to be friendly, the area to be: one of the safest places I have been to’, and Mexico itself as a ‘great destination.
She said that she would like to return to explore, and discover more of the country, as it had left a really good impression upon her during her time there.
She said that the people at the Orphanage had a very relaxed attitude, and that she was happy to be there to lend a hand.
As a seasoned traveller Claire was able to help some of the younger volunteers to feel more relaxed about travelling.
She also feels that her spoken Spanish has improved a great deal as a result of her time in the country.

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt…

When asked if she would recommend volunteering in Mexico to others Claire replied: Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.  Meanwhile Claire is now back to flying long haul flights all over the world, but is considering where she would like to volunteer next time.

We will be very happy to organise the volunteering again for you Claire, but who could be better to organise the flights than an Air Stewardess?