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Volunteer in Bolivia

Volunteering in Bolivia

Help at this animal zoo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Volunteers assist with the day-to-day running of this public zoo, dedicated to protecting some of the rarest species of reptiles, birds and mammals found in South America. Spend your days educating visitors, providing veterinary assistance and advice or get involved with more manual tasks such as: cleaning out animal cages, preparing food, feeding the animals and other general maintenance to animal enclosures.

This project operates 7 days a week so you can choose days off that fit around your travel plans. Volunteers stay together in self-catered hostel accommodation in Santa Cruz.

Interested but not sure? For the less confident or less travelled try a volunteer placement at an established project better suited for first timers such as Peru, Morocco, Ghana or the live-on-site monkey sanctuary in South Africa where volunteers, monkeys and support staff are all in one place!

We consider this project ideal if you...

Are interested in animals and species diversity
Want to gain some veterinary or animal care experience
Are a confident and independent traveller
Can already speak some Spanish but would like to improve

Bolivia at a glance

Land-locked between Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, this quintessentially South American country is often visited in conjunction with its neighbours: however it is a fascinating country to visit in its own right

Physically, it is a country of uncompromising, dramatic extremes, from snow-capped Andean peaks to the deserts of the high-altitude Altiplano down to a blanket of virgin jungle.

Bolivia is also South America's most indigenous country offering visitors numerous opportunities for cultural and adventure exploration. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia's largest city, volunteers will be mesmerised by the relaxed and tropical atmosphere. Lounge in the main square and enjoy the lazy siestas during your time off.

Not sure where to volunteer?

Call our advisor team on 01603 627 007.

You can also change your date of arrival or country at any time.

Many of the people of Bolivia still share the same lifestyle as at the time of the Spanish conquest: haunting music, bright costumes and exotic traditions come together to provide a unique experience.

Placement at a Glance

21yrs+ on arrival
Volunteer options
Project location
Santa Cruz
Working hours
Variable (usually part time) depending on chosen area of work
Getting to project
Volunteers travel independently by local taxi (which serve as public buses) or on foot. Average cost per taxi journey is about 60p.
Minimum stay
4 weeks
Volunteers usually stay
Longer stays preferred
Project operates
Limited availability, call to check spaces
When to apply
Register as early as possible to secure your place.
£125 per week
Airport Pick-up Service
£40 pick-up and transfer to volunteer house
Please Select

Choose a Month

£125 per week
Accommodation included
Airport Pick-up Service
Food Self-catering
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