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Original Volunteers - What we do best!

Unlike some other volunteer providers we are not owned by a large holding holiday firm looking for large profits from each volunteer holiday sold. This means we can offer the very best prices for volunteer experiences which are closer to the right local price. In fact at some destinations we even send volunteers to the very same projects our competitors do but for a fraction of the price and our volunteers paying directly to the local charity.

We also offer unrivalled flexibility made possible by our unique once-only registration system which offers people the opportunity to volunteer many times without having to pay further hefty deposits each time you want to make a difference.

Apart from prices, what is so special about Original Volunteers is that volunteering is all we do, it's our specialism and it's why people return to us project after project, year after year. Through Original Volunteers thousands of people have achieved their goal of volunteering, perhaps for the first time, enhancing and making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than them or helping caring for animals.

Local support

Volunteer coordinators and local staff are there on hand to help you and offer the support you may need during your time spent volunteering. If you are looking for that bit extra support, maybe a project where you can live right there where you are volunteering and with staff within calling distance! Or maybe you just want to be on a project where there are almost certainly going to be a really good sized group of people at the time of your visit and travelling is straightforward between the volunteer house and the project. Do feel free to give us a call, tell us what you are looking for and ask us for suggestions. It is what we are here for. Alternatively, if you have already volunteered before and are ready for a project where you can create your own experience and be more independent, give us a call and chat it through with a projects advisor, there might be a project out there that you had not even thought of that ticks all your boxes.

Not on your own

Once overseas you won't be on your own. At most projects you will be sharing with other volunteers and at peak UK holiday periods (ie Easter/Summer/Christmas) there may be many volunteers. If you are travelling outside peak holiday periods and want to get an idea of volunteer numbers at the time of your visit, give us a call and ask to speak to a projects advisor who will be happy to advise on numbers and chat through any other aspect of the project you are interested in.


No set departures, no fixed itineraries. We'll tailor your projects to your requirements. We are aware that the biggest cost for some destinations is the flight and keeping the costs down often requires buying the cheapest flight that is available regardless of the date of arrival. For that reason most projects can pick you up any day at any time of day or night. In addition, with volunteers coming and going on different dates this has the advantage of there almost always being someone who has just arrived before you who will want to provide you with informal support and show you round just like someone else did for them when they arrived.

Original Volunteers, affordable, unlimited choices and a flexible approach, just some of the many reasons why people have chosen to volunteer with us.

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