Stephanie Chambers

What members of staff do you remember the most and why?
Adeel, Rachid and Amina. They were always very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed sitting on the terrace in the evening with Adeel who told us funny stories.

What were your impressions of the accommodation?
It was better than I expected and I like the traditional building with the courtyard in the middle which was really authentic.

Have you done any similar volunteering before?
This was my first time volunteering anywhere.

Why did you want to volunteer?
I wanted to travel and do something to help others and put something back.

How did you find the children’s reactions to you and other volunteers?
They never stopped smiling and were a lot better behaved than I expected. They loved all the games and things we took for them. They really seemed to enjoy our visits and asked when we would be coming back.

What did you do for fun in your free time?
We did a camel safari and visited a waterfall. During the week in the evenings we spent time in the main square watching the entertainers and eating at the food stalls.

When was your most enjoyable experience?
Away from the children, feeding the monkeys at the waterfall.

How easy was it to make friends?
Very easy as everyone is there for the same thing and you spend all your time together.

What were the names of the best places to hang out and socialise, why was this?
My favourite place was cafe arab but there are lots of places to relax and eat near the square.

Would you consider going again or perhaps to another project with Original Volunteers?
I am planning to go to Ghana next, depends on time and how much I can save.

What would you say/recommend to a friend who was interested in volunteering?
Just do it. If I had known before I would have done it sooner.

What items would you suggest future volunteers pack?
Comfortable trousers are practical because it’s too hot for jeans in the heat

What items do you think are essential for daily use at the projects?
You need to take a bag with lots of things to do. You might not use them but if no one else takes games you’ll get stuck!

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Annie urges people to volunteer in Africa

Annie who volunteered at Orphanages in Morocco has issued a plea for enthusiastic, and outgoing people to follow in her footsteps…

She would like to see ‘more volunteers who are enthusiastic, and outgoing’ volunteering in Morocco, ‘full of new, fresh, exciting ideas’, that are ‘both fun and Educational’..

In return for those hours spent patiently, and diligently teaching the children comes a reward in ‘a tiny Moroccan smile’ she says..

Annie felt that when volunteering in Morocco you must be ‘very open to different cultures, and willing to try all kinds of communication from hand gestures to ridiculous facial expressions’.

This was a particular concern for Annie as she feels that ‘the kids need to learn, and they have not grasped the concept that they are there to be taught’.

She urged future volunteers to take Stationery items, and Arts and crafts materials as well as clothing for the children.

Arriving with an open mind she feels will enable you to ‘meet fantastic new friends, and to embrace a unique fascinating culture’..

Annie feels that if you arrive in the country with this attitude ‘you can actually make a difference to a few Moroccan children’..

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Volunteering in Morocco – Best 5 weeks of my life…

First time volunteer Iona Hughes described her time spent volunteering at Orphanages in Marrakech, Morocco as ‘the best 5 weeks of my life’.

Iona said that ‘ I can guarentee it will change your perspective on life, and definitely help you realise what is important’. She added that ‘working with children is not just rewarding it is also just so much fun. They are so loving, and keen to learn, it is just honestly a pleasure being with them’..

Iona volunteered at 7 different Orphanages, and said that it was interesting to see how different systems worked. She took part in teaching English and Art to the children as well as playing games, and sport with up to 50 children at any one time..

She was full of praise for the Original Volunteer coordinators describing them as wonderful people who were amazing at their job, and that they had helped to make her time in Morocco ‘just incredible’.

Iona added that volunteering in Morocco had given her the opportunity to see another culture, meet life long friends, and to spend time with amazing children..

Iona has recommended volunteering in Morocco with Original volunteers to many of her friends, and says that she definitely wants to return there in the future.

If you would like to more information about how to Volunteer in Morocco why not call us today.

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Ex-volunteer returns to Morocco…

Chelsea enjoyed volunteering in Morocoo so much that she returned again two months later.

Chelsea Jordan enjoyed her time volunteering at Orphanages in Morocco in April 2009 so much that she decided to return two months later in the June.

Chelsea found her second experience of volunteering to be ‘just as rewarding as the first’ and hopes ‘to return again someday’.

She said that even in a short space of time she ‘got to see so much progress, both with the kids, and with the project itself’. She added that upon returning she was ‘greeted with a chorus of proud “hello’s”, and “how are you’s”, phrases that they didn’t know in English one month before’.

She really enjoyed teaching at Dar Tifl Orphanage, and felt that it ‘proved to be beneficial both for me and the kids’. She feels that due to the children having a ‘different upbringing, culturally, and in general’ to children in the U.K it is important for volunteers to be ‘open minded and patient’ on this project. She felt that there were ‘little successes to be found in the kids every day’, and that was what helped to inspire her..

Her first experience of volunteering was mainly spent at the Tameslohte Orphanage, and she grew very close to the children. She found the atmosphere there to be ‘peaceful’, and felt that her time there was ‘most useful’.

Chelsea was full of praise for the people who work at the Orphanage, as well as at the Volunteer house describing them as ‘wonderful’.

Chelsea added that she will ‘never forget my experiences volunteering in morocco’, and that she ‘definitely hopes to return again someday’.

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Lucy had an amazing time volunteering in Africa

Lucy Harwood said that volunteering in Marrakech, Morocco with Original Volunteers had been an ‘amazing’ time, and that she found the children at the Orphanage where she volunteered to be ‘loving, and excited to learn’…

She said that ‘despite language barriers friendships were quickly formed’, and felt that it is ‘truly satisfying to know that any extra time that you have for these children will make a real difference in their future ambitions and expectations’.

She described looking after the orphans in Morocco as a ‘massive task’, but was full of praise for the organisers at the Orphanage saying that they do an ‘excellent job’.

Not only does she feel that the children gain a lot from the presence of volunteers, but she feels that the volunteers have a lot to gain from the experience as well. Lucy felt that ‘as long as you have ideas and are keen to get involved in sports, teaching, or chatting with the children then I think you will have a great time’..

She described Marrakech as a ‘greatly exciting city’ and added that everyone that she met was ‘so much fun’, and was full of praise for Original Volunteers coordinators in Marrakech saying that she found them to be ‘really helpful’.

Lucy added that she really enjoyed the time that she spent volunteering in Marrakech, was impressed with the way that it was organized, and described the whole experience as ‘really great’.

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Volunteer in Africa full of praise for Original Volunteers

Rebecca Sutherland who volunteered in Morocco was full of praise for Original volunteers. She describes us as ‘very organised’, and said that she would like to travel with us again, and will recommend us to people that she knows.

Rebecca spent 4 weeks volunteering at Orphanages, and Children’s Centres in Marrakech, Morocco. She said that she ‘had an amazing time’, and that she ‘really did not want to leave’. She said that Original volunteers is ‘ A very organized company, and I felt so safe while I was out there with them’. She added that we gave her ‘ A lot of support and comfort’, and was very pleased with the amount of information that we supplied her with about Morocco before her travels began.
As a result she added that she will definitely travel with us again, and will recommend the company to people that she knows…

Rebecca’s volunteering experience got off to a good start. After being met at the Airport, and driven to her accommodation she was then met by fellow volunteers who she described as ‘kind and welcoming’, and found the house to be ‘really lovely, a lot nicer than I had expected’.

Following a Camping trip that she described as ‘An amazing experience’ she settled in to working with the children at the Orphanages and children’s centres. The majority of her time was spent at 3 different Orphanages where she loved playing games with, teaching English to, and being creative with the children.
She also taught English to children at a Street Centre, and felt that the children were really appreciative..

Rebecca was full of praise for Original volunteer’s coordinators saying that they were ‘wonderful’, ‘inspiring’, do a ‘brilliant job’, and had made her trip enjoyable.

She particularly enjoyed being able to stay in the small village of Sidi Mokhtar during her time in Morocco, and felt that the local people made ‘such an effort to accommodate us, and it was an honour to be accepted in to their community in this way’.

Rebecca was in Marrakech during Ramadam, was pleased that the local people were happy to teach her about it, and to see groups of people praying and eating together in the evenings.

Rebecca’s own words saying that she ‘Had an amazing time in Morocco’, and that she ‘Really did not want to leave’ speak volumes about volunteering in the exotic country.

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Volunteer in Vibrant Morocco with Original Volunteers

Original Volunteers can offer you the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Morocco on a wide range of exciting and worthwhile projects.

Based in Marrakech you do not have to be tied to volunteering in one location, or at one project. Original Volunteers can offer you the opportunity to choose to volunteer at the Medina or Tramsolote Orphanages, at two different baby homes, by working with Street Kids projects, teaching English in local schools, or you could take a short bus ride to remote mountain villages to work with the local children.

Original Volunteers that the approach that no previous experience of volunteering is necessary, just a desire to have a go, and get involved.

From playing sports, and games with the children, to being creative with Arts and Crafts, a desire to teaching children to read, through to practical skills, such as painting and decorating, you can really make a major difference while volunteering with Original volunteers.

While there is a weekly volunteering schedule it is entirely up to you when you choose to opt in and out of it.  With Original Volunteers we want you to feel that it is your choice entirely.

Your time spent volunteering abroad with Original Volunteers can help to change a child’s life dramatically by improving their standards of Education, their self esteem and confidence, and their surroundings, as well as helping to make you a more rounded and complete person as well.

And in Morocco a colourful country indeed awaits you.

Based in exotic Marrakech, in your free time, when you are not volunteering, you may decide to sample the delights of the Djemaa El Fna, the Market Square, with its vibrant atmosphere of Fire Eaters, Traditional musicians, Storytellers, Snake Charmers, Dancers, Fortune Tellers, and Acrobats. A feast for the eyes, and ears.

Why not try haggling with the local traders for colourful spices, or traditional fabrics, and local delicacies, or lose yourself in a maze of narrow alleyways, Mediaeval Medina’s, or stunning Souk’s, and the amazing architecture of the ancient Kasbah’s.

Alternately you may choose to take a Camel ride into the Desert, head out to Essaouiria to join the surfing community, or to simply relax with your fellow volunteers at your shared Riad apartment sipping local refreshments on your roof top terrace.

You will soon begin to feel part of a community of volunteers, but there will also be locally based Original volunteers employed coordinators on hand to meet, greet, and offer you support should you need it.

Morocco has been described in the past as ‘Nowhere as close to Europe feels so foreign or different’.

This exotic, colourful, and vibrant country awaits you, and it is the ideal location, for you to begin your volunteering experience with Original Volunteers, and what a wonderful experience it could well prove to be.

To find out more about volunteering with Original Volunteers why not contact us on 01603 856932 or e mail us on [email protected]

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Volunteer from Italy reviews Volunteering in Morocco

Valeria Salvai found the Coordinators in Marrakech to be ‘very helpful’, and the accommodation to be ‘good’ during her time spent volunteering at Orphanages in Morocco.

Valeria, who hails from Italy, described the accommodation and organization of volunteering in Morocco as ‘good’, and was full of praise for the coordinators.

‘The Coordinator was very helpful’ she said, adding that ‘we had everything we could need, and when we had problems within little time she could solve them’.

She found the children at the Orphanage to be ‘very lively’, and added that ‘they always smile, and do not seem as naughty as in my country’.

Valeria felt they were ‘very prompt, and longing to join every activity you propose’, and urged future volunteers abroad to take ‘pencils, toys and pictures’ with them.

She said that the Orphanages, and Children’s centres were ‘very good, clean, and with professional and careful workers’ and enjoyed being able to work with children of different ages.

Valeria described Marrakech as an ‘interesting city’, with a ‘peculiar atmosphere’, and ‘so much to visit, and see’. She felt that it was a ‘very safe’ place to be, had no problems walking alone in the city, and found the people to be ‘very helpful, and warm’. Valeria added that she found her experiences of volunteering in Marrakech to be ‘very satisfying’.

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Krystyna reviews her time in Morocco


Krystyna spent two weeks volunteering in Morocco, and said that she ‘really appreciated the fact that I had the opportunity to spend time and play with the most lively, and loveable children in Morocco’.
She added that she will ‘never forget those two weeks’.

Krystyna was pleased that she was collected at the Airport, and driven to her accommodation, that she described as ‘just gorgeous’.
She was not only very pleased that it was close to cafes, and a supermarket, but that it was also close enough to be able to ‘experience the day to day life of the local people’.

At first she felt shy about feeding the babies at the Orphanage, but after a short while she began to feel more confident. She found many of the children to have ‘amazing talents, and even more beautiful hearts’, and feels that ‘there is a colourful future waiting for them out there’. She felt that it is an adults job to ‘open eyes, look deeper, and be more supportive’.

She described many of the children as ‘energetic’, and was pleased to see that they were eager to learn to speak English.

Krystyna also enjoyed her experience of going on a camping trip that she was ‘honoured to participate in’, and was full of praise for the Original volunteers coordinator describing her as ‘an incredible support, and glue which holds the entire group together’.
Krystyna is now back in London, but often thinks about how the children at the Orphanages are, and hopes that they have made many new friends through Original volunteers. Volunteer with children

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Peter Reviews his time in Morocco


Peter Ralph from New Zealand spent three weeks volunteering in Marrakech, Morocco, and felt that it was ‘A great experience’.

He was greeted at his Riad house by Original volunteers coordinators, and a volunteer, and described it as a ‘nice building’, and a ‘good base’ to come back to.

Peter found drawing to be useful when trying to teach the children English, and he also enjoyed playing games, and Football with them as well.

He said that the children were ‘really fun to be with, and always happy to see us’, and added that he was ‘quite sad’ when it came to leaving Marrakech.

Peter also helped out at a baby Orphanage, and felt nervous at first having no experience with them. However after a short while he soon felt fine about being there. He felt that his main role there was to play games with them, and to give them some human interaction.

During his time off at weekends Peter managed to explore other parts of Morocco spending a day in the Atlas Mountains, visiting Essaouira, and finishing off his three week stay in Morocco with a three day trip to the Desert that he described as ‘amazing’.

He described out coordinator in Marrakech as ‘friendly, interesting, and helpful’, and his time volunteering as ‘A great experience’.
Peter added that ‘I experienced a totally different culture to my own, saw some amazing sights, ate some new, and tasty food, met some great people who I’ll definitely keep in touch with, gained some useful life skills, made some babies smile, and hopefully taught some children something useful, and had a lot of fun doing it all’.
It seems that Peter packed a lot in to his three week stay.

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Volunteer in Morocco – Loved Every Minute


Tiffany Wheble ‘loved every minute’ of her time spent volunteering abroad, adding that she has ‘many positive things to say about Morocco, Marrakech, and Original volunteers’.

She described her experience of Marrakech as ‘fantastic’, adding that it is a ‘magical city’, and felt ‘privileged to have been able to get the opportunity to have seen, and lived in a place that I would not normally have been able to’.

She really enjoyed the time that she spent volunteering at Orphanages in Marrakech, and hopes that she was able to make a difference to the lives of the children that she met.

She added that the experience has ‘opened my eyes to another world I did not know much about, and made me realise how lucky I am’.

Tiffany was pleased with the help that she received from Original volunteers, and added that she has many positive things to say about us to friends, family, and colleagues.
She also hopes to take up another placement with us in the near future. In all Tiffany loved being a volunteer in Morocco

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Student Reviews her time in Morocco


A University student was sad to leave her volunteer project in Morocco as she made so many new friends, and loved working with the children.

Rosie Martin, who is in the final year of her English Literature degree volunteered for 2 weeks in the summer of 2009 at Orphanages in Marrakech, Morocco. Despite only being there for a short while she quickly made new friends, felt that the ‘group gelled’, and worked as a team, and has kept in touch with many of the people that she met.

Equally she was sad to leave the children at the Orphanage behind as she felt that she had got to know them well, really enjoyed playing games with, teaching English, and Arts and Crafts to, and ‘entertaining, and educating’ them.

She was full of praise for Original volunteers, and our coordinators. Rosie was impressed by the variety of projects that we offered, that we were very reasonably priced, and that you could take part in projects for as little as a week. Equally she was impressed with our coordinator in Morocco saying that he helped them to arrange days out, told them about good places to go to on days off, had an amazing amount of energy, and was happy to listen to the volunteers.

Rosie had become acclimatized to the temperatures, and the culture by the time that she left, and described volunteering in Morocco as ‘brilliant’, and ‘amazing’. Rosie hopes to volunteer with us again.

We wish Rosie well with the final year of her degree, and look forward to arranging for her to volunteer abroad again in the future.

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