Annie urges people to volunteer in Africa

Annie who volunteered at Orphanages in Morocco has issued a plea for enthusiastic, and outgoing people to follow in her footsteps…

She would like to see ‘more volunteers who are enthusiastic, and outgoing’ volunteering in Morocco, ‘full of new, fresh, exciting ideas’, that are ‘both fun and Educational’..

In return for those hours spent patiently, and diligently teaching the children comes a reward in ‘a tiny Moroccan smile’ she says..

Annie felt that when volunteering in Morocco you must be ‘very open to different cultures, and willing to try all kinds of communication from hand gestures to ridiculous facial expressions’.

This was a particular concern for Annie as she feels that ‘the kids need to learn, and they have not grasped the concept that they are there to be taught’.

She urged future volunteers to take Stationery items, and Arts and crafts materials as well as clothing for the children.

Arriving with an open mind she feels will enable you to ‘meet fantastic new friends, and to embrace a unique fascinating culture’..

Annie feels that if you arrive in the country with this attitude ‘you can actually make a difference to a few Moroccan children’..

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