Ex-volunteer returns to Morocco…

Chelsea enjoyed volunteering in Morocoo so much that she returned again two months later.

Chelsea Jordan enjoyed her time volunteering at Orphanages in Morocco in April 2009 so much that she decided to return two months later in the June.

Chelsea found her second experience of volunteering to be ‘just as rewarding as the first’ and hopes ‘to return again someday’.

She said that even in a short space of time she ‘got to see so much progress, both with the kids, and with the project itself’. She added that upon returning she was ‘greeted with a chorus of proud “hello’s”, and “how are you’s”, phrases that they didn’t know in English one month before’.

She really enjoyed teaching at Dar Tifl Orphanage, and felt that it ‘proved to be beneficial both for me and the kids’. She feels that due to the children having a ‘different upbringing, culturally, and in general’ to children in the U.K it is important for volunteers to be ‘open minded and patient’ on this project. She felt that there were ‘little successes to be found in the kids every day’, and that was what helped to inspire her..

Her first experience of volunteering was mainly spent at the Tameslohte Orphanage, and she grew very close to the children. She found the atmosphere there to be ‘peaceful’, and felt that her time there was ‘most useful’.

Chelsea was full of praise for the people who work at the Orphanage, as well as at the Volunteer house describing them as ‘wonderful’.

Chelsea added that she will ‘never forget my experiences volunteering in morocco’, and that she ‘definitely hopes to return again someday’.

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