Krystyna reviews her time in Morocco


Krystyna spent two weeks volunteering in Morocco, and said that she ‘really appreciated the fact that I had the opportunity to spend time and play with the most lively, and loveable children in Morocco’.
She added that she will ‘never forget those two weeks’.

Krystyna was pleased that she was collected at the Airport, and driven to her accommodation, that she described as ‘just gorgeous’.
She was not only very pleased that it was close to cafes, and a supermarket, but that it was also close enough to be able to ‘experience the day to day life of the local people’.

At first she felt shy about feeding the babies at the Orphanage, but after a short while she began to feel more confident. She found many of the children to have ‘amazing talents, and even more beautiful hearts’, and feels that ‘there is a colourful future waiting for them out there’. She felt that it is an adults job to ‘open eyes, look deeper, and be more supportive’.

She described many of the children as ‘energetic’, and was pleased to see that they were eager to learn to speak English.

Krystyna also enjoyed her experience of going on a camping trip that she was ‘honoured to participate in’, and was full of praise for the Original volunteers coordinator describing her as ‘an incredible support, and glue which holds the entire group together’.
Krystyna is now back in London, but often thinks about how the children at the Orphanages are, and hopes that they have made many new friends through Original volunteers. Volunteer with children