Volunteer from Italy reviews Volunteering in Morocco

Valeria Salvai found the Coordinators in Marrakech to be ‘very helpful’, and the accommodation to be ‘good’ during her time spent volunteering at Orphanages in Morocco.

Valeria, who hails from Italy, described the accommodation and organization of volunteering in Morocco as ‘good’, and was full of praise for the coordinators.

‘The Coordinator was very helpful’ she said, adding that ‘we had everything we could need, and when we had problems within little time she could solve them’.

She found the children at the Orphanage to be ‘very lively’, and added that ‘they always smile, and do not seem as naughty as in my country’.

Valeria felt they were ‘very prompt, and longing to join every activity you propose’, and urged future volunteers abroad to take ‘pencils, toys and pictures’ with them.

She said that the Orphanages, and Children’s centres were ‘very good, clean, and with professional and careful workers’ and enjoyed being able to work with children of different ages.

Valeria described Marrakech as an ‘interesting city’, with a ‘peculiar atmosphere’, and ‘so much to visit, and see’. She felt that it was a ‘very safe’ place to be, had no problems walking alone in the city, and found the people to be ‘very helpful, and warm’. Valeria added that she found her experiences of volunteering in Marrakech to be ‘very satisfying’.