Peter Reviews his time in Morocco


Peter Ralph from New Zealand spent three weeks volunteering in Marrakech, Morocco, and felt that it was ‘A great experience’.

He was greeted at his Riad house by Original volunteers coordinators, and a volunteer, and described it as a ‘nice building’, and a ‘good base’ to come back to.

Peter found drawing to be useful when trying to teach the children English, and he also enjoyed playing games, and Football with them as well.

He said that the children were ‘really fun to be with, and always happy to see us’, and added that he was ‘quite sad’ when it came to leaving Marrakech.

Peter also helped out at a baby Orphanage, and felt nervous at first having no experience with them. However after a short while he soon felt fine about being there. He felt that his main role there was to play games with them, and to give them some human interaction.

During his time off at weekends Peter managed to explore other parts of Morocco spending a day in the Atlas Mountains, visiting Essaouira, and finishing off his three week stay in Morocco with a three day trip to the Desert that he described as ‘amazing’.

He described out coordinator in Marrakech as ‘friendly, interesting, and helpful’, and his time volunteering as ‘A great experience’.
Peter added that ‘I experienced a totally different culture to my own, saw some amazing sights, ate some new, and tasty food, met some great people who I’ll definitely keep in touch with, gained some useful life skills, made some babies smile, and hopefully taught some children something useful, and had a lot of fun doing it all’.
It seems that Peter packed a lot in to his three week stay.