Volunteer in Africa full of praise for Original Volunteers

Rebecca Sutherland who volunteered in Morocco was full of praise for Original volunteers. She describes us as ‘very organised’, and said that she would like to travel with us again, and will recommend us to people that she knows.

Rebecca spent 4 weeks volunteering at Orphanages, and Children’s Centres in Marrakech, Morocco. She said that she ‘had an amazing time’, and that she ‘really did not want to leave’. She said that Original volunteers is ‘ A very organized company, and I felt so safe while I was out there with them’. She added that we gave her ‘ A lot of support and comfort’, and was very pleased with the amount of information that we supplied her with about Morocco before her travels began.
As a result she added that she will definitely travel with us again, and will recommend the company to people that she knows…

Rebecca’s volunteering experience got off to a good start. After being met at the Airport, and driven to her accommodation she was then met by fellow volunteers who she described as ‘kind and welcoming’, and found the house to be ‘really lovely, a lot nicer than I had expected’.

Following a Camping trip that she described as ‘An amazing experience’ she settled in to working with the children at the Orphanages and children’s centres. The majority of her time was spent at 3 different Orphanages where she loved playing games with, teaching English to, and being creative with the children.
She also taught English to children at a Street Centre, and felt that the children were really appreciative..

Rebecca was full of praise for Original volunteer’s coordinators saying that they were ‘wonderful’, ‘inspiring’, do a ‘brilliant job’, and had made her trip enjoyable.

She particularly enjoyed being able to stay in the small village of Sidi Mokhtar during her time in Morocco, and felt that the local people made ‘such an effort to accommodate us, and it was an honour to be accepted in to their community in this way’.

Rebecca was in Marrakech during Ramadam, was pleased that the local people were happy to teach her about it, and to see groups of people praying and eating together in the evenings.

Rebecca’s own words saying that she ‘Had an amazing time in Morocco’, and that she ‘Really did not want to leave’ speak volumes about volunteering in the exotic country.

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