Volunteer Africa

Do you want to do something worthwhile and enjoy experiencing a new culture at the same time? Then why not be a volunteer in Africa? With many different experiences to choose from, working with children or animals, Africa has something for everyone!

You could find yourself helping with children’s activities in Ghana, or working with street children in Kenya. If your passion is animals, why not come as a volunteer and work in the beautiful country of South Africa, helping in the monkey sanctuary, nursing sick animals back to health?
Gain the opportunity to help others and make the world a better place to live. Your CV will also shine, as you gain valuable work experience in an African country and put your creative ideas to good use.

No previous experience is required and you will find working with children or animals very rewarding. Every pair of hands is greatly valued in all our projects and we guarantee you will have many happy memories for a long time to come!

During your free time the beach is never far away and there is so much to discover in this colourful continent! Now is your chance to go on that safari you always dreamed of! Enjoy the beautiful rhythms of African dances and the lovely melodies, buy some beautiful souvenirs and eat lots of fresh fruit which grows in abundance in the lush vegetation.

The world’s eyes were on Africa in 2010 for the World Cup. Why not turn your eyes – and hands – to this great continent now? Come to Africa as a volunteer, and you won’t be disappointed!

Why not come and try something new and develop your own skills and confidence? We lok forward to seeing you!