Want to volunteer in Africa and help some of the most vulnerable people? Enrol on one of our programs to play a part in some of the most life-changing charity work you may ever do! Read on to learn more about the volunteering projects we run across the continent.

Volunteer in Africa

The history of volunteering in Africa

For centuries, volunteers have been playing a major role in the socio-economic development of Africa. The history of volunteering in Africa stretches back to the colonial period when volunteer projects were first organised by the British Red Cross.Since the 1980s, Africa has seen a proliferation of NGOs providing services that would usually be associated with governments and local authorities. This is thanks to an increase in Western government spending on international aid.The benefits of increasing investment have been most noticeable in rural communities. Infrastructure and services are often limited or non-existent in more remote areas further away from the major cities. This is where inexperienced overseas volunteers can help play a key role.

Volunteering for personal development

By volunteering in Africa you give yourself the perfect opportunity to round out your CV and develop your self-confidence. As a socially-conscious traveller, you also have the opportunity to help and create some positive change in the world.Measuring the impact of each volunteer experience is a challenge. To a certain extent, the benefits are personal to each volunteer. However, some results are clearly tangible and sustainable, as in the case of new schools where none previously existed or helping a child gain access to life-saving surgery.

Volunteer projects in Africa

Many of our projects are perfect for both first-time volunteers and seasoned travellers alike. There’s no better way to get to know this incredible continent. Our projects welcome anyone over the age of 18. A few programmes are also open to volunteers who will be 16 on arrival.To give some examples, our Africa volunteers have the opportunity to: We also offer tailored placements to suit your experience and qualifications. If you have a particular skill or interest which isn’t listed please contact us. We’ll then be able to help advise a suitable project that makes the best use of your skills.For example, did you know we have projects in Africa welcoming podiatry and nutrition students? Contact us today to learn more.

Volunteering projects in Africa

Volunteer in South Africa

£210 per week

Here, there are too many little monkeys being monkeys and not enough helping hands to go around! Come and get stuck in at this busy sanctuary in all areas and make friends with a wonderful group of like-minded people.

“My most unusual experience was digging fire breaks which was tiring but I got really fit in the process!”

Hannah Standon, UK

Volunteer in Tanzania

£250* 4 weeks

Gain a rare insight into the heart of Tanzania, away from the tourist trail. There are a variety of projects to get involved with including supporting local orphans, children’s homes and community clubs.

“The children never went away – they followed us back to the house every day, it was really heart warming.”

Victoria Medforth, UK

Volunteer in Malawi

£250 for 4 weeks

Come and live in one of the smallest, cutest and poorest countries on the African continent. Help out with a variety of educational projects at the poorer schools – everyone can make such a big difference here.

“The schools had nothing – just a dirt floor. We bought some tables and chairs and the local teacher was in tears.”

Maddie Tinsley-Parker, UK

Volunteer in Cameroon

£10* per week

Do you want to visit a country no one else has been and help turn some lives around? Try Cameroon in the heart of Africa, where everyone in town wants to meet their foreign guest and welcome you into their lives.

“I felt like I was thousands of miles away from civilisation and I loved every minute – my month there went too fast!”

Jon Betson, UK

Volunteer in Uganda

£140 per week

An English lady set up this wonderful little school from scratch and she still spends half of her year here. Everyone welcome to come and help in a variety of roles.

“My most memorable experience was the children coming early and waiting patiently for us, their faces full of smiles.”

Paige Garner, UK

Volunteer in Mombasa

£125 per week

Give the street kids some one to one attention and help them to read and write. It’s the simple things which sometimes make the biggest difference here.

“I don’t know what was stopping me to go out and do something like this, I wish I had done it sooner!”

Phillipa Bradley, UK

Volunteer in Masai

£125 per week

Would you like a ready-made family to show you their way of life and introduce you to the little children in the local school? Do you want to try living a simple life just for a while? Let the Masai get under your skin.

“Simply the best experience ever!”

Kirsty Auger, UK

Volunteer in Ghana

£95 per week

With more than 10 areas of work to choose from which can be combined from health to education, building, there is something for everyone here and a great first step into Africa for everyone.

“At the weekend we travelled to Cape Coast and visited a slave castle, a monkey sanctuary and the national park. I also swam under a waterfall – all in one weekend!”

Grace Batchelor, UK

Volunteer in Morocco

£215 per week

Submerse yourself in the Souks against the Atlas mountains. This is volunteering at its best from baby orphanages to street kids projects and only 3 hours from the UK, there’s no excuse!

“The feeding the homeless project was my favourite, knowing that a large group of people wouldn’t be going hungry that day”

Chloe Davis, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Why volunteer in Africa? Can I really make a difference?

Sadly, there is still so much need in Africa. But this means that every volunteer has something to offer the project they visit.

Perhaps you can lend an extra pair of hands to complete a building project? Or maybe you'd prefer to help ensure the UNICEF's summary of the UN Convention of Children's Rights are upheld? Even the simple act of acknowledging a vulnerable child's existence will help to make a big difference to the community you work with.

To give some real-life examples, our volunteers have:

  • Brought life-saving equipment to hospitals
  • Built schools where none previously existed
  • Mentored children who would otherwise have given up on education
  • Paid for life-saving surgery, treatment and health insurance

Why are millennials choosing to volunteer abroad?

According to a 2015 survey by Chase, 84% of millennials said they would be travel abroad to participate in volunteer activities. When asked why, many said they wanted to gain experience for a future career path or to simply to help out in any way they could.

Kenya alone has an estimated 12,000 paid expat NGO workers. There are no official estimates on the number of short-term unpaid volunteers in Kenya. However, during the summer months it is likely that there will be almost another 6,000 short-stay volunteers. Similar numbers are likely to be found across other African countries.

Where can I volunteer in Africa?

We have partnered with 9 charities and charitable initiatives across the African continent. Our volunteering projects stretch from Morocco in northern Africa to the southernmost tip of South Africa.

Are you volunteering for the first time and are not sure what to try? Our programmes in Morocco and Ghana offer a combination of group volunteer experiences in the same location.

If you would like a home stay experience, then go to Tanzania or live with a real Maasai family in Kenya. Or live-in at a friendly school in Uganda where you can stay in your own traditional African hut.

Would you like to work with older children and adults? Then you'll enjoy learning more about the street kids project in Mombasa or our community-driven initiatives in Cameroon.

The animal lovers in you may like to monkey around in South Africa. We partner with a sanctuary that takes in monkeys that cannot be released back into the wild.

Volunteering in aid work will provide you with a lifetime of experiences you will never forget.

Is volunteering in Africa free?

The volunteering itself is free but your payment helps to cover accommodation costs and extra staff to support you during your stay. Any money left over helps to cover essentials that the projects could otherwise not fund.

Unlike some volunteering organisations, we try to keep our programme fees as affordable as possible. For example, our fees for Ghana start at £95 per week, reduced to £50 per week from week three onwards. We believe that volunteers who can afford to stay longer on their projects achieve so much more!

What's it like to volunteer in Africa?

Want to see what it is really like right now working in Africa on a community project? Check out our Ghana Facebook group. The Ghana team are always super busy on a variety of different projects. You will also see photos of the latest volunteers arriving at the airport in Accra. Perhaps you will see your photo on there sometime soon!

How to volunteer in Africa?

We aim to make it as easy as possible. First, choose a project you would like to get involved with. Then, give us a call so we can run through the programme for you and help with any questions you have. Finally, we'll go through the next steps you'll need to take: how to join your project, book flights and jabs and how to link up with fellow volunteers.

Alternatively send us an SMS and we will be in touch as soon as an advisor is available!