Volunteer in Mexico

£125 per week

Volunteer in the Caribbean Yucatan peninsular enjoying a varied programme in and around the steamy tropical city of Merida. Help out at children’s homes, nurseries, schools and an animal shelter, there is plenty to try!

“The girls at the children’s home were really sweet and loved our visits, they even braided my hair.”

Aimee Whittle, UK

Volunteer in Honduras

£65 per week

Volunteer on a Caribbean island and soak up the sun while you look after rare iguanas and help monitor their local habitats in the tropical mangrove swamps.

“If I had to sum up my time at the sanctuary, it would be that I was at home in one of the best places on earth. I can’t wait to go back!”

Lizzie Sheldrake Lincs, UK

Volunteer in Paraguay

FREE stay

Stay for up to four weeks for FREE and get off the beaten tourist track in Paraguay by living a simple life with a local family. Experience washing in the stream, teaching local children and driving the ox-cart.

“It was like going back in time – but also satisfying knowing you can live without FB and Netflix!”

Sean Crossland, UK

Volunteer in Ecuador

£125 per week

Volunteer in Ecuador and improve your Spanish. This programme offers opportunities for longer stay volunteers to improve Spanish and progress to projects further afield around the country from jungle to coast.

“It is a great project for anyone who wants to learn Spanish and make friends with locals.”

Claire Whitred, UK

Volunteer in Argentina

£95 per week

This placement offers a great mix of city life and part time volunteering in the most European city of South America. Volunteers help at after school community centres and can also visit Guarani Indian communities once a month.

“It was the best way to start my backpacking trip around South America!”

Karen Lee, USA

Volunteer in Florida

£465 per week

If you’d like to try out volunteering for the first time, work with horses and visit the Florida theme parks in your free time, this is the ideal project for you!

“I made so many friends and I’m still in touch with everyone!”

Ellie Morgan, UK

Volunteer in Nepal

£145 per week

Help out at a children’s home and community school in the tropical Chitwan region of Nepal to the south of Kathmandu. You won’t need any experience and everyone is welcome!

“Amazing scenery and friendliest people”

Hannah Dawson, UK

Volunteer in India

£50 per week

Stay for free for up to 2 weeks at this little village school in one of the poorest parts of India. They need lots of support so you can assist the local teacher while you immerse yourself in the real India!

“I can’t believe I did it, it was an adventure from start to finish! My friends want to go back with me!”

Aimee Willetts, UK

Volunteer in Tanzania

£250* 4 weeks

Gain a rare insight into the heart of Tanzania, away from the tourist trail. There are a variety of projects to get involved with including supporting local orphans, children’s homes and community clubs.

“The children never went away – they followed us back to the house every day, it was really heart warming.”

Victoria Medforth, UK

Volunteer in Cambodia

£150* 3 months

Volunteer in Cambodia and help children improve their English so they can gain access to higher education. Living on-site at this village school with other volunteers, you’ll soon feel right at home – weekends are free to enjoy islands and beaches!

“I was only going to stay at the school for two weeks but ended up staying for four!”

Olivia Manning, UK

Volunteer in Malawi

£250 for 4 weeks

Come and live in one of the smallest, cutest and poorest countries on the African continent. Help out with a variety of educational projects at the poorer schools – everyone can make such a big difference here.

“The schools had nothing – just a dirt floor. We bought some tables and chairs and the local teacher was in tears.”

Maddie Tinsley-Parker, UK

Volunteer in South Africa

£175 per week

Here, there are too many little monkeys being monkeys and not enough helping hands to go around! Come and get stuck in at this busy sanctuary in all areas and make friends with a wonderful group of like-minded people.

“My most unusual experience was digging fire breaks which was tiring but I got really fit in the process!”

Hannah Standon, UK