Volunteer Reviews Marrakech


Susannah Moss was a volunteer in Morocco in November 2009, and described her time in Marrakech as ‘brilliant, diverse, exciting, and magical’.

Susannah thoroughly enjoyed the variety of working at a number of different Orphanages during her stay, and the flexibility of being able to teach a cross section of subjects to the children. She described the children at the Orphanages as ‘Great, fun, friendly ,and polite’.

She found her fellow volunteers to be ‘friendly’, and ‘easy to get on with’, and described her accommodation as ‘really lovely’. She said that she loved having a Roof terrace to ‘chill out on between volunteering’, and added that it was in a great location situated in walking distance to both the old and new parts of the town.

Susannah was full of praise for our coordinator in Morocco saying that he went out of his way to help people to get the most out of their experiences in regards to volunteering abroad, and visiting the Country, and to make everyone feel ‘safe and happy’. She added that it helped that he understood Morocco so well, and that his spoken English was perfect. She was also pleased that with his help they were able to explore the Country, including a visit to his own Village.

Susannah said that her time spent in Marrakech was ‘a great experience’, and added that she would ‘highly recommend’ it both to people who are travelling alone, or with other people.