Adventure Tourism Student Enjoyed Volunteering in South America

An Adventure Tourism student enjoyed volunteering in Peru so much that she left money behind for a young Peruvian band to record a C.D.

Sarah Hatwell spent 6 weeks volunteering at the Orphanage in Peru teaching English to, and playing games with the children.

When it came to the time for Sarah, and her friend Helen Travell to return home she left behind £200 that she had raised from donations before her trip, and a further £100 of her own money.

Sarah herself made a lot of friends while she was there

She did this so that a local band, comprising of young musicians aged between 11 and 17 could record a C.D. She said that the C.D would be ‘something that they could both keep, and sell and make money from’, and that she ‘can’t wait to get a copy’.

So far 3 songs have been recorded, and she added that the young musicians have found recording ‘a lot harder than they thought, partly because they have to be quite disciplined in the studio’.

She added that many other volunteers want a copy of the C.D to keep as a souvenir of their time spent there.

Currently the band don’t have a name, and when asked if she hoped that they might call themselves after Sarah and Helen she replied ‘that would be nice’.

Sarah felt that the most important thing was that the children are treated with compassion, and befriended.

Sarah herself made a lot of friends while she was there, has kept in touch with many other volunteers, and found the Peruvian people to be ‘friendly and lovely’.

Meanwhile, a young group of Peruvian musicians are realising their dream of recording their songs hoping that one day they will become the Peruvian equivalent of The Beatles or U2, all thanks to Sarah’s kind donation.