Volunteer in Ghana Praises Original Volunteers

A woman from Yorkshire who was a volunteer in Ghana with Original volunteers said that she chose to volunteer with us because we were ‘Kind, helpful, and encouraging’, and had a wide variety of placements.

Samarie Giles, who works in a midwifery department at a hospital  spent almost a month teaching basic Maths and English to, and making Arts and Crafts with children at 3 school placements in Ghana.

She described the experience as ‘absolutely amazing’, adding that it was a ‘fantastic placement’.

Samarie was full of praise for Original volunteers saying that she had looked at other companies, but that we had the widest variety of placements, and that Original volunteers had given her lots of information, and had been ‘kind, helpful, and encouraging’.  Indeed, she enjoyed her time so much that she is hoping to volunteer abroad with us again in 2010, but this time in Brazil.

Samarie urged any volunteers going to Ghana to take a supply of pens, and paper with them for the children as they desperately need them in the schools.

She said that she had made friends with people that she hopes to keep in touch with from ‘Middlesborough to Barcelona’.

Samarie added that the experience ‘makes you realise how small your life is, and how big the world is’, and that her time spent in Ghana had put her life into perspective. She added that she was moved by how warm and loving the children of Ghana were.

It was a pleasure to arrange for Samarie to volunteer in Ghana, and we look forward to arranging for her to volunteer in Brazil in 2010.