Lauren Jones Morocco

What members of staff do you remember the most and why?

I remember Hannan and Rachid because they were so lovely and helpful during the project.

What were your impressions of the accommodation?
I was really impressed with the accommodation, our bedroom was huge and everyone hung out there together which was lovely.

Why did you want to volunteer?
I have done volunteer projects before and enjoy making a contribution to the world.

Do you feel you made a difference, how?
I think we made a bit of a difference by entertaining the children in the orphanages and the school.

What did you do for fun?
We took a trip to the beach one weekend and we went to the waterfalls too

When was your most enjoyable experience, do you have an interesting story?
I had the most fun at the Berber house- it was so much fun!

Who did you make friends with and for what reasons?
I went on the trip with my best friend and best friend’s sister, so I already knew them. I made friends with most, if not all, of the group we went with!

What were the names of the best places to hang out and socialise
Our bedroom!

Would you considering going again or perhaps to another project with Original Volunteers?
I would, yes, but I would do a project that had more hand on volunteering, like building a school or something. Or animal conservation.

What would you say/recommend to a friend who was interested in volunteering?
If they had never volunteered before I would definitely suggest they take part on the Morrocco trip, because it wasn’t too much hands on volunteering, which if you are young and haven’t volunteered before, I think might be quite hard.

What items would you suggest future volunteers pack?
Definitely suncream! I got so burnt when we went to the beach

How much money would you suggest you take per week?
Between 75-100

Could you offer any tips to future volunteers?
If you go during the summer months, make sure you bring light clothing and suncream. Also- keep hydrated.