Volunteer Reviews her time in Kenya

Cheap Volunteer Prices for Volunteering in Kenya

Being able to volunteer with us for a short time, and at a fraction of the cost of Charity organisations appealed to University student Cassandra Badham.

Cassandra, who is studying for an English degree, wanted to spend 3 weeks volunteering in Africa before returning to her course. However, she found that many charity organisations spent months assessing as to whether you were suitable or not, wanted you to volunteer for a minimum of 6 months, and charged you an extortionate amount to do so.

She said that a friend at her church recommended Original volunteers to her, she discovered that we offered a wide range of projects at a very good price, and spent 3 weeks in Mombasa, Kenya as a result of this.

Subsequently Cassandra described her time there as ‘great’ and ‘fantastic’, and has recommended us to other people as well.

Cassandra said that she had been to Africa before, but that she had seen an item on the news about Mombasa and wanted to help.

While she was a little bit surprised to be teaching classes of children she adapted well, as she had a background in Education. She hopes that she was able to teach them things that will prove to be useful in life, and she left behind lesson plans for future volunteers

She said giving the children care and attention, and playing games with them made them smile. She enjoyed getting involved in all sorts of things from football and playing games, to working with the street kids, and digging potatoes. The key, she felt, was to be ‘flexible’.

She said that she felt very welcomed by the children, teachers, and the cook at the volunteer house where she stayed who gave her a great big hug when she returned at the end of each day.

She felt that her time in Mombasa gave her an insight into life in Kenya, and was amazed at how happy people who have so little can be. She felt that it put life in the U.K into perspective, and that the experience has taught her a lot about fending for herself.

We wish Cassandra well for the rest of her degree, and are very happy that we were able to help her to volunteer abroad for a short period of time, and at an affordable price.