Nurse reviews time volunteering in Mombassa


A Nurse from Birmingham who volunteered at an Orphanage in Mombassa has described her time there as the ‘best thing ever’.

Satwant Kaur spent 2 weeks at the Orphanage in September, ‘Loved’ her time spent there, and is making plans to volunteer abroad again with Original Volunteers.

She said that she would definitely recommend volunteering to people, particularly in Mombassa. ‘ I would recommend it as a first one’ she said, adding that ‘they looked after me so well, and I felt safe there’.

Satwant, who has a PGCE, particularly enjoyed teaching English, and Maths to the children, and hopes to return to Mombassa again one day. For the moment she is thinking about volunteering in Thailand, working at an Orphanage again, possibly at the end of April. ‘ I gained a great deal of personal satisfaction’ she said, talking about her time spent there, and that it was a wonderful feeling to be able to ‘put a smile on the children’s faces’.

We are very happy to hear that Satwand had such a wonderful time, and very pleased to hear that she is considering volunteering abroad again with us.

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