Lifeguard Reviews volunteering in Mexico Merida


A Lifeguard from Swindon who thought that Mexico might potentially be a ‘rough’ place to volunteer in said that the people of Mexico were ‘the nicest people that I have ever met’.

Jason Wines volunteered at an Orphanage in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico between June and August 2009. He spent his time there playing Football, creating Arts and Crafts, and preparing food for the children, and made a lot of new friends that he has kept in touch with. He added that he had an ‘amazing time’ doing voluntary work in Mexico.

However, it was the friendliness of the Mexican people that most surprised him.
He said that they really wanted to ask him about his life, and that everywhere that he traveled in the country, even in the jungle regions, people were all very friendly, and welcoming towards him.

He said that he was a fairly confident, and motivated person before he went to Mexico, but that the experience he had volunteering abroad has helped to make him even more confident, and that he would love to return to Mexico again, or to take part in another project in Ghana or Kenya.

Jason felt that during his time in Mexico he had formed a bond with the people that he met, and that it was hard to say goodbye to them.

He has recommended the experience to lots of people, including his hairdresser, and has put lots of photographs, and videos up on his Facebook site.

He praised the work of Original volunteers, and said that he found our website easy to search through, and was impressed that we had a free phone number.

He felt that his time in Mexico has helped him to appreciate life, and what he has got a little bit more, and said that with the money he saved by volunteering with us he was able to buy presents for the children at the Orphanage when he left.

We are pleased to hear Jason’ s story of how friendly the people of Mexico were towards him, and feel that you too may well be surprised to discover just how warm, and welcoming the local people will be towards you too when you choose to volunteer.
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