Why Choose Original Volunteers to Volunteer Abroad

When you choose to volunteer with Original Volunteers we have a range of over 100 projects, in 17 Countries, based in 3 separate Continents.

Volunteer abroad and you could help to nurse sick Monkeys back to health in Africa, work in Orphanages in Peru, or Morocco, on a rural farm in India, or in a hospital in Tanzania.

You may have asked the question who chooses to volunteer?

Well, quite simply people from all age ranges, and backgrounds volunteer abroad, and delight in making new friends, and discovering new cultures.

Life as a volunteer is more affordable than you might think, with accommodation, and placements starting from £6 per day.

Do not worry about first time volunteering, as no experience is necessary on most projects, just an enthusiasm to get involved, and a determination to help.

Life as a volunteer is never dull, as there are always things to be done, children to teach, and play games with, animals to care for, meals to prepare, babies to look after, and in your spare time places to visit.

Volunteer abroad – It’s a life changing experience you will never forget.