Volunteers progress in Honduras

Volunteers on the project in Honduras have been enjoying a busy month at the iguana centre. With the nesting season just around the corner, everyone has been lending a hand constructing new enclosures for the females to lay their nests. Volunteers purchased the materials needed through donations and a local government grant, which was won by the project. Volunteers from a range of backgrounds have been helping to construct the cages, from science students to carpenters!
Other volunteers have been assisting with the ongoing environmental education project on the island. The local children know little about their endangered neighbours or why they are slowly becoming extinct. Three school teachers from the UK recently visited the project and made a huge impact to the programme, drawing awareness to the situation. The volunteers also assisted by training some of the local school teachers who struggled with skills and techniques thanks to a lack of initial training and resources. One of the volunteers also specialised in working with children who suffered with learning difficulties and her skills were also put to good use.
Thanks to the project and our volunteers, the local community are more aware of the damage that is being done to the iguana’s natural habitat. Teachers continue to teach children about the native iguana population and steps are being taken to help to preserve their population.