Volunteering in Cambodia – my experience

Amy Martin volunteered at the Cambodia school project.

I have recently come back from the Cambodian project through original Volunteers and wanted to take the time out to say how fantastic it was.

On arrival I was greeted by Mr.T who made me feel safe and welcome with his broken English. We drove for about 2hours into the Cambodian countryside until we arrived at hope school. As we drove through the gates I noticed the 3 classrooms on site and another building. I was greeted by all the volunteers who were so friendly and happy to show me to me bed. Sleeping arrangements are two big buildings, a male door and a female dorm which consist of camp beds on the floor mosquito nets and two big fans, sleeping arrangements are more than fine. As for showering it is a bucket shower however with the heat you get used to it and even end up looking forward to it!


Teaching ‘I am’ to a class, I only had one GCSE in English!

As I settled in over the next few days I started to shadow other volunteers with their lessons. Lessons are an hour long and are from 1pm to 6.30pm. Classes are devided into ability in English so the age range is slightly different for each class.


Some children at the school are really young.

I have no teaching experience and only a GCSE in English so I enjoyed shadowing other teachers until my confidence was enough to take my own class, which didn’t take long! You follow a basic curriculum working through a text book teaching from time to weather, from nouns to pronouns. The books used are the Oxford University Press Headway ones which are easy to follow.

The children are so keen to learn and so fun to teach.


Fancy dress party at the school after school hours.

In the evenings Monday to Friday volunteers are mostly relaxing chatting and socialising, on a Wednesday is quiz night where the town school join up for dinner and a quiz hosted by the newest volunteers . At the weekend however you have from Friday eve to Monday Morning off.


First experiences of getting around on mopeds.

Volunteers usually take the opportunity to travel to the local cities at the weekend managing to explore this amazing country as well as volunteers.


The school grounds where we lived and taught, my home from home.

The project manager is inspiring, his story is amazing and what he has done with the project is outstanding. He is there if you need him at any point he is happy to help and he speaks perfect English. His sister cooks the evening meals for the volunteers for only about 15 Dollars a week and the food is very good.

I met some amazing people, taught some of the happiest children and made memories ill never forget. I can’t recommend this project enough and I can’t wait to go back.