Volunteer Thailand

Would you like to teach English in a place where our language is highly valued and native teachers are hard to find? Then why not consider volunteering in Thailand? You will have the unrivalled opportunity of living and working alongside local people away from the beaten tourist trail. You don’t need previous teaching experience – just an enthusiasm to help local children learn a language. Then experience the hospitality and tropical beauty of the country – from the ornate buildings to the idyllic islands in the south.

Volunteering will offer new and exciting experiences. There are a whole host of projects for you to take part in, situated in a wide range of locations throughout the country – from the tropical forested region to the islands in the South.

Volunteers in Thailand focus on English teaching, but as the school can often be the focal point of a community, you could also find yourself helping at sports days, presenting awards at school ceremonies or even helping on school trips.

Volunteering as a teacher is a very rewarding experience. In the classroom you may find yourself teaching the alphabet, playing bingo or singing traditional English nursery rhymes with younger children. Teaching older children can be more relaxed, from helping them to work in pairs using simple lessons you have prepared, listening and singing along to international pop songs or supervising revision classes as they prepare for exams. Volunteers choose from a couple of school placement options on arrival, and friends, couples and small groups are placed in the same school.

Come to Thailand, discover a new culture and take part in a life changing experience that you will never forget. At the end of your volunteering placement, take a boat trip through Bangkok’s Floating Market, or along the klongs (a network of canals leading off the river, lined with dwellings opening directly on to the water).
Why not take in a muay thai (Thai kick-boxing) match? This traditional sport can be seen every day of the year at the major stadiums in both Bangkok and the provinces. Thai boxing matches are preceded by elaborate ceremonies and accompanied by lively music.

Head off after your volunteering to enjoy Thailand’s thousands of kilometres of coastline. Have a go at sea canoeing and kayaking through the spectacular limestone islands in Phang Nga Bay and explore the half-submerged caves and grottoes.

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity awaits you – get packing for Thailand!