Volunteer Overseas with Original Volunteers

Why not volunteer overseas with Original Volunteers?

With a wide range of projects, and volunteering schemes in seventeen different Countries, based in three Continents there is bound to be a project, country, and Continent that will appeal to you.

In Africa magnificent wildlife, fantastic Mountain ranges, and exotic markets await you when you choose to volunteer with Original Volunteers.

We can arrange for you to teach at a School in Ghana, or to help out at an Orphanage in the Kwahu region in the East of the Country. Equally Marrakech in Morocco offers you the opportunity to volunteer at Orphanages, or to teach, or to help out with a local children’s charity. Alternately, you may wish to work with the Street Kids project teaching, and helping the children of Mombassa in Kenya, or at the Military hospital in the South of Tanzania close to the Mozambique border.

However if you would prefer to work with animals rather than people you may wish to spend your time in South Africa feeding, cleaning, and caring for abandoned Marmoset Monkeys at an animal sanctuary close to Saint Pietersburg.

Many people are tempted to volunteer in South America due to the range of opportunities available to them, as well as the stunning scenery, and ancient history of the Continent.  With a choice of nine different Countries to volunteer in there will almost certainly be a project that is suitable for you to take part in.

Many people wish to gain valuable teaching experience. Working with the children of Foz Do Iguassu in Brazil, or at community centres in the colourful Boca area of Argentina, in the San Jose region of Costa Rica, or from the capitol Quito to the jungle regions of Ecuador will help you to gain valuable experience should you wish to go into the teaching profession.

If you have a passion for Animal, or conservation projects why not volunteer at the Iguana conservation centre in Honduras, at a South sea island paradise caring for animals in Guatemala, or gain valuable experience of working with animals at the Municipal Zoo in Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

However, if caring for children appeals then there are a wide range of projects at Orphanages in Mexico, or at the Cuzco Orphanage in Peru. There are great opportunities to make a significant difference for the better to help improve a child’s life.

When you choose to volunteer in Asia with Original volunteers there is an ideal opportunity in your free time to trek in the Himalayas, discover remote mountain villages, and visit the many Buddhist and Hindu Temples.
In India you can help out with the harvesting, teach English to the local children, or help out with building work close to the Nepalese border. In Nepal you can be at your most creative painting, singing, and playing games with the children, while Thailand offers the opportunity to teach basic English to the children.

Life as a volunteer is a great opportunity to discover a new country, learn about its culture, make many new friends, and help to improve lives.

Original Volunteers have arranged for thousands of people to volunteer overseas, so why not call us on 0800 345 75 82 and we could find the ideal project for you. We look forward to hearing from you.