Volunteer Nepal

Nepal offers you a life-changing experience – the breath-taking beauty of the awe-inspiring Himalayas, the friendly people and a magical kingdom will leave you with happy memories for the rest of your life. Volunteering in Nepal enables you to get up close to the local people, live amongst the community away from the tourist trail and put something back. It is a truly rewarding adventure!

You can teach the local children basic English phrases, organise outdoor games or provide them with new stimulation from painting, singing or drama and dance with an English theme. Whether you can teach the children new things during your visit, or simply provide them with some happy memories of doing new fun things, by volunteering in Nepal you will make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children.

Here you will receive a smile and the greeting “Namaste!” from everyone you pass on the path. Nepal has a rich culture and still has a king. An astounding diversity of animal life can also be found in Nepal, ranging from the Bengal tiger to rhinos and elephants.

Volunteering offers a very hands-on experience which makes it all the more stimulating for the children and the volunteer. You may find yourself telling stories with pictures you have drawn yourself, teaching your own version of the alphabet song, or teaching songs with actions (which the children love!). If you enjoy sport, why not teach the children cricket, rounders or volleyball? If you prefer quieter activities, teaching them to draw is also an option – there is something for everyone!

Volunteers can choose their location before arrival. They can either stay in remote mountain hamlets high up in the Himalayas, many hours away from the nearest road or bus stop, or in villages and towns in central Nepal close to larger towns and cities with all the usual facilities. Those who are looking for warmer climates might prefer to go south to Chitwan. There is plenty of choice!

Nepal offers you an opportunity to try out your own ideas and create the volunteer experience that you want. Come on, what are you waiting for?