Volunteer Mexico

Come and volunteer in Mexico! There are lots to choose from – in Puerto Vallarta you can help local staff look after over fifty children in this stunning location. Alternatively you can choose the beautiful Yucatan peninsula and volunteer with children there.

Mexico is a land of contrasts, a developing country, yet one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Attractions include ancient Aztec and Mayan cities, Spanish colonial architecture, the Copper Canyon railway, fabulous beaches, cheap tequila and bustling markets selling local handicrafts.

When you are not busy volunteering, you can enjoy affordably priced activities such as guided hikes, horse riding, scuba diving, kayaking snorkelling, whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

If you love children and would like to offer your time as a volunteer, then our projects are ideal. Our volunteers in Mexico teach English in a variety of locations – from soup kitchens to orphanages and community centres in and outside the colonial city of Merida. Some of the children have special needs and require help with stimulating activities and physiotherapy. They need help with mobility and lots of loving attention!

No experience is needed and you don’t need to speak Spanish! In fact it is better if you don’t! These children want to hear you speaking English all the time and are eager to learn whether by singing pop songs, reading or drawing pictures together.
Placements are organised by the coordinator according to local demand and group preferences. Friends/couples and small groups are always placed together. Volunteers are introduced to their placement and shown how to get there. Once settled in, volunteers travel together to their placements.

Volunteers in Mexico can also enjoy swimming in the sunken caves, called ‘cenotes’ and/or climbing the Mayan pyramids. Volunteers with plenty of time are recommended to allow a week or two at the end of their stay to visit everything there is to see. Some volunteers have even headed down to Belize and tours can be organised easily through local tour operators in Merida. The coordinator will give you lots of ideas.

Spanish classes can be arranged after arrival by the coordinator and cost approximately £5 per class. Classes can be organised around your volunteering so you can get on with both at the same time.

If you want to try English teaching for the first time, volunteering in Mexico is perfect for you! You will also arrive home afterwards with greater self-confidence and some new skills!

If you want to be able to try out your own ideas and have fun with the children and you are looking for a location which offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities, volunteering in Mexico is perfect!