Volunteer in Vibrant Morocco with Original Volunteers

Original Volunteers can offer you the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Morocco on a wide range of exciting and worthwhile projects.

Based in Marrakech you do not have to be tied to volunteering in one location, or at one project. Original Volunteers can offer you the opportunity to choose to volunteer at the Medina or Tramsolote Orphanages, at two different baby homes, by working with Street Kids projects, teaching English in local schools, or you could take a short bus ride to remote mountain villages to work with the local children.

Original Volunteers that the approach that no previous experience of volunteering is necessary, just a desire to have a go, and get involved.

From playing sports, and games with the children, to being creative with Arts and Crafts, a desire to teaching children to read, through to practical skills, such as painting and decorating, you can really make a major difference while volunteering with Original volunteers.

While there is a weekly volunteering schedule it is entirely up to you when you choose to opt in and out of it.  With Original Volunteers we want you to feel that it is your choice entirely.

Your time spent volunteering abroad with Original Volunteers can help to change a child’s life dramatically by improving their standards of Education, their self esteem and confidence, and their surroundings, as well as helping to make you a more rounded and complete person as well.

And in Morocco a colourful country indeed awaits you.

Based in exotic Marrakech, in your free time, when you are not volunteering, you may decide to sample the delights of the Djemaa El Fna, the Market Square, with its vibrant atmosphere of Fire Eaters, Traditional musicians, Storytellers, Snake Charmers, Dancers, Fortune Tellers, and Acrobats. A feast for the eyes, and ears.

Why not try haggling with the local traders for colourful spices, or traditional fabrics, and local delicacies, or lose yourself in a maze of narrow alleyways, Mediaeval Medina’s, or stunning Souk’s, and the amazing architecture of the ancient Kasbah’s.

Alternately you may choose to take a Camel ride into the Desert, head out to Essaouiria to join the surfing community, or to simply relax with your fellow volunteers at your shared Riad apartment sipping local refreshments on your roof top terrace.

You will soon begin to feel part of a community of volunteers, but there will also be locally based Original volunteers employed coordinators on hand to meet, greet, and offer you support should you need it.

Morocco has been described in the past as ‘Nowhere as close to Europe feels so foreign or different’.

This exotic, colourful, and vibrant country awaits you, and it is the ideal location, for you to begin your volunteering experience with Original Volunteers, and what a wonderful experience it could well prove to be.

To find out more about volunteering with Original Volunteers why not contact us on 0800 345 75 82 or e mail us on [email protected]