Volunteer Honduras

Volunteering in Honduras offers it all: worthwhile environmental work, guaranteed sun, island location, azure sea and white sandy beaches in a little visited corner of the Caribbean.

The placements where you will be volunteering are located on the Bay Islands just off the Honduran Caribbean coast and offer a variety of projects. The placement could involve showing visitors around the centre, environmental education with small groups of local children, animal care, gardening, station maintenance or trekking in the mangrove swamps monitoring the indigenous iguana population. Volunteering is flexible and the pace of island life is reassuringly slow.

If you want a great experience combined with guaranteed sunshine in a paradise location, come and volunteer in Honduras!

If you have an interest in environmental conservation or animal care and you want to be one of the few to experience life on the tropical Bay Islands is for you!

Honduras is a country of contrasts, from the mountain ranges that cover over 80% of the country to the flat coastal areas. The people are calm and friendly. The Bay Islands (where this placement is located) are made up of Roatan, Guanaja, Utila and smaller cays which for over 300 years were witness to slave raids and piracy before trade in bananas and other fruit was established. Today the islanders are mostly fishermen and merchant seamen who can spend long periods away from their families and paradise home.

The dominant language of the Bay Islands is still English and many locals tend to see themselves as English or American rather than Honduran. Roatan is the biggest island and has a substantial town, airport, fishing villages, a cinema, hotels and excellent beaches popular with tourists. Guanaja, covered in pine-covered mountains, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and numerous reefs is the most easterly island and measures only 21 square miles. Utila is a sleepy little island surrounded by beautiful beaches and was the original site of the first banana and fruit plantations in the Bay Islands. The main town is East Harbour and accommodation is limited. This is the location of the conservation centre and where volunteers will be living and working.

Away from your volunteer work, this small island also offers cafés and bars to relax in and recreational sports. Deep sea fishing, kayaking, snorkelling and diving are popular pastimes and can be easily organised.

Everyone is welcome here and you do not need any previous experience to be a volunteer in Honduras – just a willingness to have a go and help protect the iguana’s natural habitat. Come and take part in this exciting project, away from the hustle and bustle on this tiny tropical island. Spaces are limited on this ever popular project so early booking is essential to reserve your bed in paradise. See you soon!