Volunteer Guatemala

Guatemala offers two very different conservation projects so you can experience the best of Central America whilst safeguarding the future of threatened species.

Volunteers can choose to work on one of two well established projects at a lakeside animal refuge or on the Pacific Coast, making our projects an exciting combination of two very different locations.

By choosing to be an animal refuge volunteer, you will be helping to feed and care for the parrots, macaws, howler monkeys and ocelots which were seized from smugglers and need considerable care and attention. Volunteers also help out by preparing meals. Although the working day is a long one, it includes a lengthy afternoon siesta. It is not all work and no play either, and you will have time to visit the nearby towns.

You could also volunteer on the Pacific coast as a coastal ecology volunteer. You could be performing night patrols and assisting turtle hatchlings to be released, or constructing new facilities, organising environmental education, or assisting with a caiman and iguana breeding programme.

Get involved with community projects to improve local living conditions. Volunteering in Guatemala is not without its challenges on this remote windswept stretch of coast, but being a volunteer on the Pacific Coast could be just the project to shake off the cobwebs.

The setting for your placement in the interior is a 45 hectare lake side forest only 25 miles from the world famous Mayan ruins of Tikal. Long, thin dugout canoes still glide back and forth between the villages, ferrying locals around.

The coastal placement is based on the pacific coast known as the the ‘Costa Sur’. This coastal region is a South Sea paradise, where you can string up a hammock and spend a lazy afternoon doing nothing except taking it all in.

If you want to learn Spanish by working alongside Spanish speaking staff and local people, and would like a comfortable introduction to living and working in Latin America, volunteering in Guatemala is for you!

Canoes, mountain lakes, jungles, tropical beaches and a population that is mostly of Indian descent combine to make Guatemala a unique destination. The main attractions are the ruined Mayan cities overgrown by jungle, laid back Livingstone on the Caribbean coast, smoking volcanoes, isolated lakes, the white sands of the Atlantic coast, the dark volcanic beaches of the Pacific, the spectacular little-known ravines which crisscross the country such as the Rio Dulce among a long list of other attractions.