Volunteer Ghana

Being a volunteer in Ghana can offer you the excitement, where you can have the freedom and flexibility to try out your own ideas. Some of these can include teaching nursery rhymes to young children in day care centres, or carrying out repair work in orphanages and schools. As a volunteer, you may even find yourself teaching sports, if that’s your passion. Ghana offers endless possibilities, to suit all tastes and areas of expertise.

Gain the opportunity to help others and make the world a better place to live. Your CV will also shine, as you gain valuable work experience in an African country and put your creative skills into use. Come and learn about the rich Ghanaian culture and experience Ghana’s unique hospitality!

Ghana, a former British colony, is one of the most peaceful in Africa. Come here as a volunteer and experience all the lush green plantations – the friendly people will make you feel very welcome, despite 40% of them living below the poverty line. There is great pride and energy which is clear to see in the classroom, during ceremonies and on the football pitch. Wherever you volunteer, you will fall in love with the gentle African spirit.

If you want to experience Africa within a safe and informal environment, Ghana is for you! Why not come and try something new and develop your own skills and confidence? Our volunteers stay in a house together, a great opportunity to make new friends! At the week-ends, you can get away from it all on the beautiful Gold Coast, or enjoy a mini-safari.

Whether you volunteer in the capital, Accra, with its bustling harbour area, or further out near Kakum National Park, Lake Volta (the largest manmade lake in the world), you will never forget your time in Africa!