Volunteer Ecuador

Come and volunteer in Ecuador – we have a choice of projects and innumerable opportunities off the beaten tourist trail. After your arrival you will have time to settle in to this incredible country of lush subtropical valleys and snow-capped volcanoes.

Volunteering in Ecuador starts with an informal chat with the programme coordinators when you arrive in Quito, to match up your preferences from the options available from the very long list of projects throughout Quito and Ecuador. Ecuador is flexible and new placements can be easily added on or changed as you gain in confidence and are ready to move on, although most voluntary work in Ecuador usually starts with a project or two in Quito. Maybe you will start teaching English to some of the poorest children there, or perhaps you would like to get involved with a music, art or dance based project.

Spanish classes can be provided upon arrival in the capital for those who want to brush up on the language. For longer stay volunteers, with some basic Spanish, there is the opportunity to move on to more remote projects following the first one – from coastal conservation to Indian jungle communities. Our projects are the ideal option to access a softly structured flexible programme for anyone who does not want to have it all mapped out before they arrive. You can create your own experience as you gain in confidence and look for fresh adventures with the assistance and support of the local placement organisers.

Volunteering is ideal for you if you are considering a long stay but are unsure about committing before departure, if you want to improve your Spanish and if you want more varied volunteering options other than just teaching. It is also possible to combine your trip with other South American projects.

Ecuador sits astride the equator in South America. Its relatively tiny size belies its staggering geographical diversity – from the heights of the snow-capped Andean peaks down to the remote Amazon rainforest. The landscape is complemented by the colourful textiles and traditional costume still worn by rainforest Indians and highlanders alike.

Ecuador is compact and easy to get around. While not all roads are paved, they are almost invariably scenic and interesting. Why not come and experience all this for yourself?