Volunteer Argentina

Do you have a passion for community work? Do you want to experience a different culture? If you volunteer in Argentina you will have the chance to do community work in the incredible city of Buenos Aires. Here you will be exposed to a city which is more European than South American in flavour – you will find cobbled streets, street performers, faded colonial architecture and much, much more. Come and volunteer and experience the passion of the tango!

You can immerse yourself in an exciting environment away from the tourist trail and do something worthwhile. You could find yourself organising outdoor games, teaching English phrases in small groups, or fundraising in the city’s plazas. Whatever you do, volunteering in Argentina provides varied experiences. Choose our Argentinian Volunteer Project and you will never be on your own, as you will travel with like-minded individuals each day and you will make some great friends!

No experience is required to volunteer in Argentina, other than a few Spanish phrases before you arrive.
In addition to the weekly voluntary work, each month a 3 to 5 day humanitarian trip is organised to the tropical north, to hand out supplies and resources to poorer indigenous Guarani communities.

A trip to visit the Iguassu Falls is usually available for those interested. As this volunteering program is part-time, you will have plenty of hours to explore the region and improve your Spanish. You could also consider combining your experience with one of our placements in neighbouring Paraguay or Brazil.

Come to Argentina – the second largest country in South America, where all the attractions are on a huge scale. It is a traveller’s paradise, stretching almost 3500km from Bolivia to the tip of South America. Argentina encompasses a wide array of geography and climates, and is almost the size of India. Nature-lovers can climb South America’s highest peak, walk amongst thousands of penguins and witness the world’s most amazing waterfalls. Buenos Aires with its tango, colourful Boca district, lively nightlife and world famous cemetery La Recoleta is a must-see.

Come and help in Argentina – what are you waiting for?